The Cellphone

Description: The Cellphone of a student turns into an artificial intelligence and starts to go inside him to lay eggs in his innards.

Note: This was so much fun to write and I think a good story came out. And remember kids: Cellphones cause ball-cancer. Have fun reading.

“Mrs. Stevenson, why isn’t the answer 3 though?” Benjamin asked. He was curious to know why he had gotten the answer wrong, even after his fifth try at it.

“Well Benjamin, that’s because we are dividing. You see?” His teacher gestured around on the board in front of him, making a big fuzz about him not seeing how it is done. The other teenagers around him started to moan and groan. They were sophomores and didn’t groan because Benjamin didn’t understand it, but rather because it made them feel better about themselves because they did.

Benjamin didn’t mind though. He wanted to understand the answer correctly so he could answer the questions coming at the end of the year.

“Ah OK, I understand.” Benjamin said. He didn’t understand anything. However, he didn’t want to annoy the other kids with his misinterpretation of the question anymore than he had to. He would look it up later, he thought, and try to solve the question again at home.

He had never been the brightest lamp in the room but that didn’t keep him from trying. Benjamin knew he had to try harder than the others or he wouldn’t pass like the others. Then his cellphone vibrated. He instinctively put his hand into his left pocket to see who had messaged him, and looked at it under his desk.

1 New Text Message from Unknown Number.

He clicked on a button to open it. He didn’t have many friends and the ones he had weren’t talkative enough to send him a message during class.

Hey are we going to meet after class? We really have to play again.

The text was too cryptic for Benjamin to truly understand what was meant with it. Most likely the text wasn’t intended for him, probably for someone else. He thought a little about it.

Probably someone nice.
Someone with friends.
Someone popular.
But definitely not for him. Except…
Maybe a friend of his tried to tell him something. Maybe someone had changed their number and that’s why the phone registered it as an Unknown Number. That could very well be. Probably Steve, they had just played Mario Kart on his Wii a few days ago. Maybe he had changed his number during that time.

Ok, I’ll see you at lunch then.

He texted back and put his cellphone back into his pocket and tried to focus again on the problems that were written on a black board in front of him.

That was when his cellphone accepted the signal that was send from the mother-ship down to earth to activate the sleeping artificial intelligence inside the telephone. Just a simple text message activated it:

Hey are we going to meet after class? We really have to play again.

A simple message.
The world play was universal after all.
Something every high school student could understand and relate. And that was exactly what the Kryon Empire was aiming for. They needed a signal to activate the artificial intelligence which was planted inside the phone, and the easiest signal was a text message. A text message which, when it had been opened, would cause the cellphone to change into a loyal servant of the Kryon. However it couldn’t be one that would make people think that there was some kind of problem. They needed the new host to be relaxed so he wouldn’t notice the procedure.

Benjamin’s mind was now fixated on his teacher.
Not on his pockets.
Not on his cellphone, out of which now a silver colored liquid started to pour out of its keys.
Slowly at first. If it had moved too fast the boy might have noticed. He would have felt the movement in his pants, then he would put his hands in his pockets and then he would feel the silver liquid.

Now it started to move towards the sides of the pants and become smaller.
It needed to be small enough to fit through the tiny holes in Benjamin’s pants. The ones one can only see through a microscope. If anyone would have seen this procedure they would only have seen that a liquid daggered into a needle which then disappeared into thin nothingness.

After it had pierced these holes it moved towards Benjamin’s scrotum, needing to go through another layer of pant before reaching its final destination.

Just before touching his undergarments it vibrated. Vibrated at a speed fast as lightning. It needed to heat up. The silver liquid had no source of heat, it was in itself cold. So it needed to move at great speed, heat itself to a certain temperature.
Body temperature, to be exact. It needed to have the same temperature as the boys body so he wouldn’t notice it when it moved inside him.

Once it had reached this degree of heat it stopped. Now was the time for the incision.
It moved through his underpants. Slow but determined.
Benjamin didn’t feel it.
Then, with his needle point, it moved down his urethra.
He didn’t feel it.
He couldn’t have. The nerves in his penis barely recognized a change. No one ever felt it.
It was just too subtle.

Then through the Vas Deferens, the Epididymis and at last,
the testicles.
Its final destination.

There was the place it was aiming for. All the hustle it had to go through, only to finally reach this point. Here it had to fulfill the last part of his mission.

If Benjamin had only felt what was going on inside his pants. If he had only seen it, or somebody had told him. Even though he wouldn’t have believed him. A conversation in which somebody said
“After you put your cellphone into your pants it will pop open, a silver liquid will exit it, flow down your penis and your testicles and then will lay small metal eggs into your balls..”
Seemed something an idiot or a junkie on a trip would say, rather than a well intended warning.

As it reached the testicles it started to pump silver colored eggs into them.
Eggs that were so small that one could have barely seen them under a microscope.
Eggs that were lying there, using the heat of his body to their advantage.
Eggs that were filled with the new children for the Kryon empire.

The Kryon had always used hosts to carry their children for them.

When they were still an underdeveloped species,
millions of light years away from earth,
they had to invade the bodies of other animals, lay their brood there and watch as their little children ate them from inside.
And after centuries of evolution,
After decades of finding self awareness,
After years of advancing from using crude tools to building a space ship.
After all this time, they had killed of every animal on their planet and needed to find new hosts to birth their children.

The Kryon anatomy wasn’t build for artificial replication of the environment of being inside a living being. Even with their advanced technology, they never could create a batch of small Kryon’s without them dying a few seconds later.

So they traveled a distance, as of now uncountable by men, to find a planet they could call home, and finally found a planet.
A planet which hosts were compatible with the needs of their children.
A planet which could sustain them for millions and millions of years.
A planet that was the perfect breeding ground for their species.


And after analyzing the technology, the cultures and the political spectrum of every civilization, they finally found it was time to start the breeding procedure. Luckily humanity was still at the point at which everyone carried mobile devices with them. So they adapted. They put an artificial intelligence inside every cellphone, headphone, game controller, mouse or modern watch. The A.I. would then analyze the perfect time at which it could start laying the eggs inside the host.

This might happen while the host was sleeping,
while the host was concentrating,
while the host was having sex,
while the host was doing anything else but look around and see if anything was invading his body and laying eggs into it.

There they would stay for years and years.
Until enough people had become hosts to the Kryon offspring, someone discovered their spaceship behind mars or someone would find out what was happening to them.

However the Kryon had thought of everything. Any technology that was send towards mars would either be hit by an artificial meteorite, lost connection because of electromagnetic waves or just taken and re-calculated to make it look like there wasn’t a giant space ship hiding behind mars. And if any doctor might have noticed a problem inside a persons body, the brood would have gotten a signal to dissolve and die, leaving only cells behind that couldn’t be traced back to the Kryon.

There were only two problems however. The first was that the dissolved eggs would leave cells behind that caused a disease inside the body, which would commonly lead to a very deadly disease: Cancer.

However the bigger problem was that, while the A.I. was laying eggs, it could have been noticed by anyone that would put their hands on their mobile device and feel the A.I. operating on his or her body. It was only a moment of a few minutes, but it could have led to the downfall of the entire empire.

Yet after a hundred years, this had never happened.

So even after the A.I. inside Benjamin’s cellphone had laid more than a million micro-eggs inside him, he didn’t feel it. He was still looking at his teacher, trying to memorize, trying to analyze, whatever this information was she was trying to convey to him. All of it while the A.I. was finishing its job inside him.

Then a voice came from the left.
“Benjamin, did you see the pic I send you?”
The A.I. heard it. However there was no need for alarm yet.
“It’s on your cellphone.” The voice said.
Now the A.I. was alarmed. This would mean it might get discovered.

In a matter of nano-seconds it hurried to push the last egg inside Benjamin’s body. Then it wanted to move back as fast as it could. It had done its job now it only had to escape from this situation. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem. It was fast, and it had never been caught before. But then something happened, it hadn’t even left the ball-sack, when it stopped to move. It had made a mistake. It had moved too fast this time.

As an A.I. it was built for perfection, however even then there was never a 100% chance of actually accomplishing perfection. Even though the chance was very small, there was a problem inside the technological mind of the A.I.; if it moved too fast it would create an error which would fry the electronics because of the alarmingly high rate at which it had to process its own commands. This time it had happened, the A.I. had moved too fast, and it couldn’t move anymore.

In case of such an error, a signal was sent to the spaceship. It would indicate that an A.I. had failed and alarm the commanders in charge should decide if the the A.I. should either be destroyed by explosion of the mobile device, or if it should attack the human, kill him and turn back into its original form. The latter was only used if the human was alone and an explosion seemed to cause too much noise and draw in witnesses.

However, this time it was different. This time the commander was standing in front of the control station of the space ship, watching and waiting. He was looking at a huge screen where, in multiple windows, multiple A.I. were being shown invading the human body.

There was one in Africa,
attacking a poor child that had noticed eggs being laid into her brain.
There was one in China,
laying eggs into a passed out businessman at a strip club,
and another laying eggs into his wife, sleeping at home.
There was one in America,
laying eggs into the the neck of a retired war veteran.

He looked at them all and smiled. Not because he liked the development, even though he did, or because he liked seeing new hosts being invaded.
this time he smiled because it was time.

As the red light flashed a soldier, sitting in front of a highly advanced computer, was about to press the buttons which indicated that Benjamin’s cellphone should explode but was interrupted by his commander speaking. The sound of his speech would sound to a human like bubbling hot water, but to them it was a normal , masculine voice.

“No,” he said. “Let it attack, the time has come.”
“Really commander?” The soldier asked.
“Yes, it is time.”

So soldier happily pushed the buttons to make the A.I. attack the hosts.

During all of this, Benjamin had grasped into his pants and had felt the weird slime that was coming out of his cellphone. At first he was surprised, what was this? As he touched it more he started to feel fear inside his heart. He had pissed his pants without knowing? Then he pulled his handy out, which was excreting the silver slime, and looked at it. He had no idea what had happened. That was when he felt something between his pants. The slime.It was in his underpants.

That was when the commander gave the command to make the A.I. attack.

Benjamin felt how something inside him grew thicker and thicker. The slime had started to harden and from slime to iron, ripping his penis apart from the inside. He started to the scream throughout the entire room. Everyone’s eyes were looking at him now. Benjamin jumped out, partly to better see what was happening to his body, partly to show everyone what had happened and why he was screaming.

The slime hardened up even more and started to tear apart his pants and meat, making him scream even louder, until his privates couldn’t take the pressure anymore. They exploded from the inside, and with them a huge hole in his pants, letting an immense gush of blood fly across his chair and onto the floor.

Benjamin dropped to his knees.
He couldn’t scream, talk or utter anything.
His mind was in such a deep state of shock that he couldn’t react to what was happening around him, and luckily, not what was about to happen inside him.

“Push the button.” The commander said and a soldier pushed a big yellow button in front of him. The signal was given. All around the world, the eggs were now hatching.

At first they only crew in size, not by very much and very slowly. Then they hatched and small multi-legged creatures with tiny sharp teeth exited them, crawling around their host, looking for something to eat. Something to help them survive.

This was of course a horrible experience for many people.
For Jill, who felt how now little animals were gnawing on her brain, trying to eat as fast and as much as their little mouths could.
For Tim, who felt how his stomach grew in size and a million little creatures were eating their way up his throat.
For Jessica, who felt how her uterus was being destroyed from the inside, letting small gushes of blood exited her privates while she lay on the floor, stretching out her hands and begging her family to help her somehow.

And surely for Benjamin, in which scrotum small animals were not tearing apart the inside of his balls, letting blood gush all over the floor, while every teenager around him screamed either in
when they still hadn’t felt the change in their body,
or in pain,
when they felt the little creatures exploring their new living space.

The commander looked at his monitor and saw all these people crying and screaming, begging for help, mercy and death, and he smiled. The new Kryon hatch seemed promising and strong. They would live inside the corpses of their hosts for another year or so until they were strong enough to walk alone and hunt for other animals.

However Benjamin didn’t know any of this. All he knew was that the world around him was getting blurry. He somehow felt that his life was being pulled out of him slowly. He didn’t feel it when the little Kryon were pushing through his veins, up his arms, into his mouth and nose. He had already passed out from the loss of blood.


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