The Strippers

Description: A girl wakes up tied to a chair after a long night of drinking. What has happened?

Note: This was written for a writing challenge where the theme was “Ambiance.” Hope you like it.

The first thing she smelled was the mold, it was dirty and filled the entire darkness around her. It made it almost impossible to breath. Her eyes opened slowly, she had been sleeping, or something. A headache made her want to touch her head, that was when she felt the strings around her wrists, tied to a chair. The cold metal of it made her feel almost uncomfortable. Where was she? What was going on?

As she moved her head to look around, she noticed that she had a blindfold on, bound tightly across her eyes.
“Hello? Anybody there?” She asked, not expecting a reply. The blindfold was thick but not thick enough for her not to notice that everything around her was dark. She tried to remember what happened yesterday.

She remembered that they left her place to go to a party. No, not go, drive. They drove to a party in her friends car. They wanted to celebrate her birthday at this new club downtown. When they got there the party was at its high point but they still got in pretty quickly. From there on things got blurry. She remembered that she had some drinks, right? Then they danced, a lot. And then there was this guy, with his slick smile and cool clothes. They kissed and had another drink.

That’s where it ended. After that there was a complete blackout. Shit, I must have been drinking like a fish yesterday, she thought. What had happened afterwards though? Then she had an idea, maybe this was one of those strip shows. Like when the girl gets tied to a chair and cops or firemen came and got naked for her. This must have been it. Probably some kind of kidnapping scheme or something, whatever, at least there wasn’t anything to worry about anymore.

Then a door opened, she could hear the creaking of the door. A light switched on, she could see it shining through her blindfold and someone entered. They walked across the room and said something in some exotic language. Was it Russian? Or German? She didn’t know, but this must have been all part of the plan. Soon her blindfold would be taken off and she would see some oil covered six-packs. Mmm…

Then another one entered the room. One of the man talked to him, again in this language.
“English you Romanian fucks, English! You think we are still in this piece of shit country of yours?” The new voice said. He sounded like he was the boss of the two of them. She liked his voice though, it sounded strong and very manly. Maybe he would be her main stripper and the other guys would just accompany him.

“We were just talking about what we were going to do with the girl. She doesn’t look half bad and her friends said she exercises a lot.” A guy to her right said.
Oh, please tell what you are going to do to me, she thought. She felt like this show was about to go on the road.
“Yea, so it is either snuff, the doctor or working the streets.” The guy to her left said. She didn’t know what the guy meant but did it really matter?
“Huh, well what will bring the most money?” The boss said. She could now smell the smoke of a cigar flying through the room. Where strippers supposed to smoke? Shouldn’t they look out for their health?
“Recently prices for livers have skyrocketed, the supply around the globe has gone pretty dry for now after the FBI busted Chavez down under. So I say doctor.” The guy to her right said, he sounded pretty smart to her now. What the fuck was he talking about though?
“I agree.” The guy to her left added. There was a short silence in the room as the smell of cigars flew around the room.

“Hey guys, sorry, but when are you gonna start?” She asked. She didn’t feel like waiting anymore and this talk about organs and snuff or whatever was boring her.
“What do you mean?” The boss asked. The cold steel had started to bite her skin now and it made her very uncomfortable.
“Well you guys are strippers right? So what are you waiting for? I’m ready and this blindfold is getting itchy.”

Silence filled the air. It seemed as if the other people in the room were trying to understand what she meant. Usually the girls were scared, in panic and even cried the entire team.

Then all of a sudden the guy to her right started laughing. It seemed he understood what she meant and.
“She thinks we are strippers.” He said and the other started laughing too. She didn’t understand what was so funny about this. Unless…
“What’s so funny?” She asked. Nobody answered. Everyone was still laughing.
Then a punch came from the left. It almost knocked her out and she could taste blood in her mouth. She would have shouted if the shock of this unexpected pain caused her to feel too dizy.

“You feel this bitch?” The man to her left said. He was now very close to her ear. She could feel his breath blowing into her ear. He smelled of fish and sweat.
“We aren’t strippers you dumb cunt. We are going to sell you.” The guy to her right said. Another punch hit her, now from her left. She could taste more blood now. It seemed that one of her teeth was also loosening now.

The two men continued to laugh while their boss was silent. Was he thinking? Maybe grinning? And why did she worried what he was doing? The strangest thoughts raced through her mind at this point. Then he talked.

“Fine, so the doctor it is?”
“Yea, sure. The rest of her stuff will probably sell good too. There are a lot of rich fucks that need new, healthy hearts.” The guy to her right said.

Now she understood what was happening, every detail of it. She was drugged the day before, probably put something in her drink. Then they had kidnapped her and now they were going to sell her organs on the black market.

The door opened again.
“A doctor, you’re already here. Do you want us to bring her into the examination room?” The boss asked someone.
“No, she’ll struggle and that cause too much stress on the uterus. I’ll kill her here and then we will drag her over.” Someone said. Footsteps were now moving towards her and stopped right in front of her. Then the person in front of her moved around a little.

The she could feel cold steel on her neck. Adrenaline rushed through her veins and she woke up from the dizziness caused by the punches. She could feel that it was a small knife. Something used by surgeons.

“Help.” She screamed.

There was a swift movement of the knife.

“Herchlp…” She said as the knife opened up her throat and the air left her lungs. She saw the blood gushing out of her, flying across the room. She could even feel it dropping down her chest, covering her shirt.

Then she lost consciousness

and everything went dark.


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