The Vault

Description: A girl attends an insane Vegan cult.

Note: This was written for a contest where the theme was obsession.

Her mother had dragged her here. Some kind of huge underground structure inside a mountain. A huge iron door served as an entrance to the cave. Right now it was open, but it was clear that it had the potential to close and seal all of them inside forever. Inside a long line of steps led downward to a huge pedestal. It looked like an ancient Greek theatre, a theatron. Everywhere were people standing around, talking and discussing the newest vegan trends. It must have been thousands. Jill felt very small.

Jill was feeling weird standing beside these people. Here family was there to comfort her, what was left of them anyways. After her father had left them for his secretary, her mother had started to slowly stumble downwards a dangerous road. At first, it was only healthy living and exercising, something the whole family could agree with. Then the fridge slowly turned from a normal supermarket into a vegetarian garden with no sight of meat or soft drinks. Jill’s little brother liked the change, he had always been a vegetarian at heart. Jill, however, had loved eating meat since she was a child. So this change felt strange to her. At first her mother was buying meat for her too, she wanted to be tolerant, she still loved her little children. But then she tried to replace the meat with tofu.

‘It tastes just like meat, promise.’ She said. Jill did not believe a word of it, but she still ate a little. At first it tasted weird but after a few chews she got accompanied to the taste. Something she could get used to eating on a daily basis. Still it was no replacement for meat. To her, no one could replace meat. So she sneaked outside sometimes to eat a little on the site, in burger joints and hot dog stands. It was her little secret and no one seemed to notice. After a few more weeks her mother’s choice of food turned from vegetarian to vegan. Now even her little brother felt uncomfortable. He liked eggs and milk, especially at 7:30 in the morning, and he wasn’t going to give it up just because his mother needed a way to get over the divorce.

However, her mother’s desperate need for a cleaner body didn’t stop there. She wanted to live cleaner and healthier. Away from all the garbage the industry was feeding her, her children and everyone around them. It disgusted her. In the end she reduced her food intake to homegrown plants and her own urine. Jill had wanted to say something a long time ago, but she was still her mother and she didn’t want anyone in her high school to know that she was the daughter of a women that drank her own piss.

Then all of a sudden, she stole the both of them from their rooms and took them to one of these vegan meetings she had been attending. However, these weren’t normal vegans. These people were obsessed with cleaner living and shutting themselves away from any unhealthy influences of the world around them. The meeting was inside the vault they were now standing in. Thousands of people were around Jill, crammed side by side as if they were attending a concert. To her left there was a guy that only wore underpants and smelled like he hadn’t taken a shower in the last few years. Luckily she didn’t know that it hadn’t been for the last few decades.

Jill didn’t know why she was here, but her mother loved it. She seemed truly happy. Then a loud voice came from the center of the theatron.

‘Please everyone, calm down calm down. The time is upon us.’ Everyone grew silent and sat down. Jill looked at her mother. She seemed ecstatic. A woman stepped into the center of the room now. She looked like a funny seventies Halloween costume and the had the face of a mother that was about to speak to her children.

‘Friends, I am glad to see you all here. If it was not for every single one of you we could have never done this. You are all part of something bigger than any of us can imagine. We will show the world that humans can survive until the end of days without harming Mother Nature. She has given us life and has gifted us every day with love, and we are returning this love with hate and spite and destruction.’ A tear rolled down her eyes.

‘We have counted and have reached the perfect equilibrium point between man and women. With this we can go on living for decades, and if everything works out, centuries.’

Jill turned to her mother. She had no idea what was happening, this all seemed a little strange. Her mother had not told her why they were here and something told her that this wasn’t going to end well.

‘Mom, what’s going on?’ Jill asked.

‘Pshh.’ Her mother hissed at her. She was listening to everything this women said, body and soul.

‘Now, I know that every creature in here is healthy and willing to create. Willing to fill the womb or have their womb filled with life. It will take nine months until the first baby will be born; we have stocked enough food until then. Afterwards everything will begin. Instead of feasting on the flesh of Mother Nature, we will feast on our own. Their meat and muscle shall be our sustenance. There are enough of us here to create two servings every day, for everyone.’ The crowd cheered.

Jill was now fully awake. What the fuck was going on? This must be some kind of joke.

‘Mom, what the fuck is she talking about?’ She asked her mother, but she wasn’t there. Jill felt that she had to leave this place immediately. What this woman suggests was insane and to her the math didn’t up at all.

‘Let us start then. Close the vault and let us begin with the first breeding.’ Two men were about to pull a lever to close the vault but then Jill jumped up to run outside.

‘Hold her!’ The women screamed and two men took a hold of her. ‘I know you must be nervous my child, you are young, but trust me when I tell you this. We are all going to be one happy family, and you will feel how everyone around you now loves you and will be thankful when you have born your first child and it will be served to us as our meal.’ Jill screamed and tried to rip herself away from the men, but they were stronger than she was.

‘Close the vault.’ The women shouted to the men at the lever. They pulled and the huge iron door closed. Sealing them inside for decades to come. As the door closed and locked them in, letting utter darkness fall between them, everyone around Jill started to undress themselves. The first serving had to be bred, and a single tear rolled down her eyes.

The End.


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