The Muse Party Blogfest (not a story guys)

1. Who is your muse (or character)? Tell us a little bit about him/her and why you brought them.
My muse is just some guy that…
*Really? Really motherfucker? That’s how you’re gonna start out? By calling me just some guy? Who helps you write short stories? Who helps you get your creativity going? Who helps…*
I got it I got I got it. You win. This is my muse Lary. He is this guy that helps me get everything going. Kind of the oil for the car the I call creative writing. He is a really nice guy, once you get to know him.
*I’m always nice.*
You’re always a cunt.
*That’s it, you’ve asked for it. That means writers blog for the next three days*.
Come on, you know I was only joking.
*Ok… But another one of those and you get it for real.*

2. What are you guys wearing? Dressing up or keeping it casual?
I’m definitely going in a suit. It’s a party right?
*You’re such a stuck up prick.*
Oh really? And what are you wearing?
*Leather jacket, leather boots, jeans and my cowboy hat. Like a boss.*
No one says “like a boss” anymore, and you’re calling me a prick and want to go as brokeback muse?
*Screw you.*

3. It’s a potluck! Did you bring something yummy!
I brought some pasta with extra cheese on top. Self-made and delicious.
*Pansy, I’m gonna bring some chillie-con-carne to spice up the mood.*
Self-made I presume?
*You got me.*

4. Open bar! What are you both drinking (booze or otherwise)?
I’ll start of with a coke, then a beer and I’ll see where it goes from there.
*Are you trying to sound like a pussy?*
And what are you going to get?
What if they don’t have whiskey?
And when there’s no Bourbon?
And then?
And if there is none of that?
*… orange juice.*

5. Wallflowers or social butterflies?
I think I’ll just chill at the bar, maybe meet a relaxed group of writers with which I can talk about the craft, and Lary…
*Will go and check what those chick-muses are doing. You should give me 5 bucks so I can buy them a drink or two.*
Should I really?
*Yea… you should.*

6. What song(s) will you and your muse sing for karaoke?
I think we both l…
*I don’t do karaoke.*
Yes you do. Tonight anyways.
*Fuck, ok what will it be?*
Flogging Molly: Drunk Lullabies, Band of Horses: Is there a ghost? and ACDC: Back in Black. Sound good?
*….fuck yea, I’m on it. Let’s do this.*

7. What’s your favorite party game?
*Spin the bottle!*
No it isn’t, remember last time when we had to kiss that Brazilian guy?
*You mean Rodrigo with his smooth but yet strong lips?*
Yea, exactly.
*Good point.. well I guess beer pong then?*
Sure, let’s go with that.

8. Which one of you is more likely to end up dancing on a table top?
Both of us. At a certain point I just loose it and go at it with him.
*Oh yea, baby. It’s like magic mike, except instead of a bunch of hot guys there are two chubby drunks dancing like strippers.*
I hate you so much sometimes….

9. Has your muse been a good date and would you ever hang out with them again?
He has been ok and yea I would.
*Damn right you would.*
He is this kind of guy who you can’t go without no matter how much of a dick he is.
*Yea and you’re gay.*
Fuck off.
*Yea you would like that wouldn’t you?*
Whatever, I guess it’s like this: You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your muse.
And we are gonna stay together for a long time right buddy?
Guess so.


2 thoughts on “The Muse Party Blogfest (not a story guys)

  1. And I thought my muse had a foul mouth! LOL. He does want to see this table dancing, though…
    Thanks for coming to my party!

    Liked by 1 person

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