Description: A women turns into a cannibalistic stalker.

Note: So this was written for a contest where the theme was Obsession and I’m pretty sure this is one of the best things I’ve written so far. I hope you like reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Jill had gotten used to darkness by now. Used to the darkness and close metal walls that surrounded her when she crawled through the vents. The light steps and the quiet breathing, it was all a daily routine by now. She woke up in the morning, went jogging, took a shower, went to work, came back home put on something light and started to stretch. A few years ago she used to go jogging again instead of stretching herself. But that was before she had met Tim. Before she had met Tim she was a working women, nothing more and nothing less. She went to work came back, cried inside that she was single but didn’t feel like ever going out and settling for anything else than the übermann, went to sleep and repeated it all. But that was all before she met Tim.

One day she sat at home. Eating ice cream and watching a romantic movie with a strong female lead. Her movies always needed a strong female lead. She felt a connection to these women. She could see herself as one of them. Strong and independent. But in the movies the women always went to sleep on the chest of the man they had found love with. She slept alone on her cushion, dreaming of what it would be like to be with a man that respected her strength and dominance but also loved her for the women she was. She didn’t know what she wanted. But that was before she met Tim.

Then a new feeling crept up on her. She didn’t want to be alone right now- She wanted to go out. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to be outside. To feel something different, even if it was something bad, even if she got disappointed, she wanted to be out there. So she showered, got dressed, even put on a little make up, and walked outside. Walking alone at night. She felt like a stranger in a strange land. Like Gulliver or Marco Polo. Seeing the rites and norms of these people, but not fully comprehending what they were used for. So she walked through the streets. The jogging had given her a body that most women could only dream of, and the eyes of men were following her like moths follow the light. She could feel it. But she didn’t know if that was good or bad. Then she saw a bar with the name “Harold’s Happy House”. It wasn’t anything special, just a bar at the side of the street. She went in anyways. The world under the clear moon light seemed to strange for her. As she went inside she could smell the smoke, the alcohol and men. Usually this place would have been an utter nightmare for her. A place where losers and hobos where destroying themselves through a mixture of drugs and prostitutes. She would have called them lesser human beings. Waste’s of space and life. But that was before she met Tim.

Inside she sat down at the bar, ordered a swimming-pool because of the name and looked around. This place wasn’t anything special and the people weren’t either. After she had finished her second swimming-pool she could feel the alcohol flowing through her veins. Just before she was going to order her third drink, Tim walked in. Now to anyone else one could describe him as a handsome man. Short blond hair, an attractive amount of muscle with a smile that was simply charming. An above average man, not a top model. But to her it seemed as if prince charming had entered the bar and she was ready to be taken away. Tim ordered a beer and sat himself beside her. They both knew that this wasn’t accident but they were silent at first. Letting the electricity build up between them, a tension that almost bordered on lust. Then Tim started to talk to her. He was charming, nice even, a regular fellow that was wanted to get to know her better. After the first few minutes she wanted to touch him, but she knew it was too early for that. Only after he had some more beers and she had another two swimming-pool did they finally feel close enough to touch. At first only their hands, feeling each others skin. Then their legs and arms, feeling their muscles. At last their faces, pulling the other in close, feeling their lips touch. A fire started inside both of them and it wasn’t long that they decided to leave and go to Tim’s house. They needed privacy now.

When they reached his house they couldn’t contain themselves any longer. She wanted to feel him and he wanted to feel her. They barged into the door and went straight for the bedroom. She had felt a feeling that she hadn’t felt in ages. She felt like the feathers of heaven were lifting her higher and higher, and the fires of hell making her feel hotter and hotter. When they had left their clothes behind she started to mount him, ride him like a jockey would ride a horse. Every touch felt like an exploding star inside her and every kiss like a battery on her lips, making her shiver.

When she woke up she was lying on his chest, letting his manly smell fill her nose with the sweet promise of love. After they both woke they spend more time in bed, cuddling and having a little conversation. Then they walked into the kitchen and he made her an omelet. To her, he was god. After they talked some more he had to go to work. They dressed again and departed at the door. That day she couldn’t go to work. She told her boss that she was sick. The entire day she couldn’t do anything else than think about how she might see him again, or how she might arrange that he saw her again.

At night she went again to the bar. In hope that he might be there again. She dressed the same way again, so he would spot her easier. Ordered the same drink again, and waited at the same spot where they had met. All night. Hour after hour. Until it was five in the morning and the bar had to close. She walked home, feeling depressed and alone. The headache caused by the alcohol, the lack of sleep and the cold of the night didn’t help. That day she didn’t go to work again. The entire day she stayed at home, neither eating nor sleeping. She had to do something to see him again, but what?

The night slowly broke down on her. She stood now in front in front of his door. She had to see him again, but even she knew that it was too fast and too weird to just show up on his front door uninvited. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Nobody answered. She knocked again.. Nothing again. He wasn’t home. Or was he ignoring her? Or maybe he didn’t hear her. She looked around the house and saw an open window. She shouldn’t, but he would be just as excited to see her again as she would be. Also there wasn’t any harm in doing it. He would forgive her as soon as he saw her, she was sure of it. So went through the open window and looked around. It was a pretty clean place. She walked through the kitchen and the living room. Then she found his bedroom. Memories came back to her, sweet precious memories of a night that hotter than fire of a burning star. She got excited at the thought of it happening again when he came back. She looked around some more and found his closet. His clothes. They smelled like he did. She knew it was wrong, but she leaned in and smelled them. Love filled her heart. So she did it again. It was heaven.

Then she heard the sound of keys opening a door. Her heart set out for a moment. Then it hit her. This wasn’t right, she shouldn’t be doing this. She should have called him, or waited more at the bar. But not this. She looked like a total maniac. She heard him coming through the door now. Fuck, she thought, what was she going to do. She looked around the room. There was a small vent, beside the bed. It looked as if it could be removed. She could…

As Tim came through the door he exhaled deeply. It was one of these days where it seemed as if the whole word would collapse on him. His boss got mad at him, a friend couldn’t pay back the money he owed him and his wife had to pick him up from work because his car broke down. They both stumbled through the door and his wife headed straight for the kitchen.
“Well, there we are. Home at last. Thanks for picking me up.” He threw his keys on the kitchen table.
“No worries honey. Whatcha want for dinner?”
“Meat and mashed potatoes sounds good.”
“Sure, help me cut the potatoes then.”
“And what are you going to do?”
“I’ll look out for the meat.” She said and they both laughed.
“Ok. I’ll just hang my jacket in the closet.” Tim said and walked to his bedroom. As he entered a smell flew past his nose. It smelled like…. perfume? A women’s perfume. It smelled sweet. Like strawberries in the summer. But where did it come from? He put his jacket into the closet. She stared at him through the bars of the ventilator, her breathing reduced to a minimum. Her heart was pounding faster and faster by the second.
“Sweety. Did you spray perfume here?”
“No why?”
“Smells like it.”
“Ok.” She said and walked into the bedroom. “Oh wow, you’re right. Weird.”
They were both quiet for a second.
“Well, let’s get back to the potatoes.” His wife said and pulled him to the kitchen.
Her breathing relaxed as they both left the room. Then she felt anger. This fucker was cheating on his wife, and he had used her for it. Used her feelings as some kind of plaything. She hated him now. She wanted to hurt him. Him and his wife. But first she had to leave this ventilation system. She crawled back, through the darkness and the metal walls that surrounding her. It frightened her, even more so as she couldn’t see where she was crawling since there was not enough space to turn around. When she finally reached the exit her clothes were ruined with spiderwebs and dust. As she walked the streets back to her apartment she thought about everything that had just happened, but she didn’t know how to react at this point.

Once she had reached home, she threw her clothes on the couch and took a long relaxing shower. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. She wanted to scream, but somewhere the air was gone. She wasn’t mad anymore. Not at him, or that he lied to her. She was mad at herself. If she had shown herself they might have gotten in a fight. Might have broken up, get divorced, and then she would move away with him. Somewhere warm like Florida, where no one could find them and all they had was the warm embrace of each other. But for that to happen they had to be alone. Alone and free from… his wife. She knew what she had to do if she ever wanted to be together with him. She had to kill his wife.

The next day she went to work like always and came home at the usual time. Then she put on some dark clothes and drove over to Tim’s house. It was already past midnight and she parked her car two corners away from his house. She started sneaking through the gardens of his neighbors, past the bushes and sleeping dogs, until she made it to his. The house was dark. They must have both been asleep. Then she found the vent through which she had crawled yesterday. She opened the the door of the vent and crawled inside. She made her way through the tunnel and to the vent door that led into Tim’s room. She heard how he was snoring and that bitch beside him was sleeping quietly. Slowly she opened the door and crawled outside, then closing the door quietly behind her. No one had noticed her, no one had heard her. She stood up and saw him lying besides her. He looked perfectly dreamy. Sleeping so tight and calm. She could smell him again. It made her roll her eyes back and breathed in deeply. She loved it. Then she saw his wife. That fat bitch, she thought. Her appearance disgusted her. She thought about just going to the kitchen, taking a knife and ending it all here and tonight. Tim would probably be mad at her, at first. But then he would see that she was his true love and they would kiss and embrace each other beside the bleeding corpse that was once his wife. The thought made her horny. She wanted him, and she wanted him now. She knew though that this wasn’t the right time. Not the right time to reveal herself to him. He would have woken up and then might not got to sleep again. He had work tomorrow and that for that he needed a good nights sleep. She liked how much she cared about him. It was a sign of their love for each other. Then his wife moved. She was about to wake up. Shit, shit, what now? She thought. She reasoned that it would be too loud to scram for the vent, but the door was slightly open.

As Tim’s wife Mary awoke she could hear the snoring of her husband. At first this had always annoyed her. Some nights she couldn’t even sleep because of it, but now it had become a sign that he was beside her, looking out for her and caring for her. She almost went back to sleep but then she noticed a pressure in her lower region. She had to go to the restroom. She swung herself out the bed and waited till her eyes got used to the dark. She stood up and walked through the door to the restroom. Then she noticed that the closet door beside the restroom was a little open, but this wasn’t he first trip to the toilette so she didn’t stare to take much note of it. She didn’t know that behind the dark of the closet were two eyes, following her, staring at her and thinking about killing her. Mary walked into the restroom, not hearing the feet behind her following her. In the toilette she turned the light on and tried not to wake up too much from the light that shined down on her. This little journey to toilette-land shouldn’t interrupt her sleep. Outside the door were two fists wanting to grab her head and bash it open on the edge of the sink. After Mary was done she washed her hands and opened the door to walk outside. There stood a dark figure all of a sudden. Right in front of her. Mary’s eyes widened as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Who was that? What was that? Help, HELP! she thought as she fell to the ground. Then the creature which stood in front of her walked a few steps back and disappeared into the darkness of the house. A few seconds later ran Tim through the door to see if anything had happened. Mary couldn’t explain it at first, but then she tried to describe to Tim what had just happened. Tim searched the entire house, but no one was there. He tried to calm her down some more and then told her that it would be alright and that she might have experienced a state of being half awake and half asleep. They both settled on that before going back to bed, but Mary could never walk to the restroom alone at night without feeling a little bit watched.

After Jill had barely made it out of this house she ran to her car and thundered down the road to her apartment. As she entered the door she could feel a rush enrapture her body. It was adrenaline and love mixing themselves into the most potent of all mixtures. That was the first night she masturbated. The pressure of the situation had been almost too much for her, she needed a release. So she masturbated. More than two hours, until her arms were too heavy to hold the TV remote. She went to bed and slept like an angel on a cloud. She knew that she hadn’t killed his wife but that didn’t concern her too much. She had forgotten about it in the heat of the moment. In her heart she felt that she had done the right thing, and that this wasn’t the last time she would go over to Tim’s house.

And so it went on for years and years. Jill would sneak out late at night, invade Tim’s and Mary’s house stay there for a while to watch Tim sleep and then she went back home to masturbate. It was her dirty little secret, but she loved it too much to let it go. And with every night that she went there, her love for him got stronger and stronger. She even found new vents and places through which she could crawl and gain more access to the house. Now she could watch them do everything. From cooking to showering. When they were sleeping and when they were talking. Even when they had sex. Her eyes were everywhere, following every step they did at night. When she got bored she always frightened Mary in some way. Often she appeared to her at night. Once she even punched her when she was sleeping. But her masterpiece had always been painting their toilette with pig blood and washing it away before Mary could tell Tim. She didn’t care about boundaries anymore. She didn’t care that she had become obsessed and insane. All she cared about was Tim. Her handsome hero that she could never get of her mind.

This could have gone on for an even longer time but on one special night, she didn’t go to Tim’s house. That night she wanted to stay at home and eat ice cream, just to do something different for once in a while. Of course she was craving Tim more than the Ben & Jerry’s in her lap, but she also liked to feel like a normal person again. She had turned on the TV and at first she was just skipped through the channels, then she saw a documentary about meat and some African tribe. Interesting, she thought. She had never much thought about the life’s of African tribes, so this seemed interesting. As she turned the volume on the TV louder she could hear better what the man was saying.

“The Honuno’s are a tribe that has been widely described as cannibalistic. However, these people don’t eat each other for the reason of getting food in times of need. There is an old rite that wills them to eat their loved ones before they die. It’s a way of keeping their souls always inside them, and not loosing them to the endless void, a form of hell that every soul that isn’t inside someone else will experience after death. So the Honuno tribe doesn’t do it because they like feasting on human flesh, they do it because they truly care for their loved ones.”

Then the documentary ended and commercials began, but in Jill’s brain an idea started to form. She loved Tim, more than anything else on this planet. And she wanted to be together with him, forever. So it seemed only reasonable that they should be together forever, body and soul.

The next day she went out and got the utensils she needed. A few rubber bands. two leather gloves, two small cloths, two roles of duct tape and a big bottle of chloroform. Then she told her boss that she had to take two days off. When night came she put all her things into a big leather bag and drove over to Tim’s house. When she reached it there wasn’t a light on inside the entire house. Everyone was already asleep. She put on her gloves and snug through the ventilation system, slowly pulling her bag behind her, reaching their bedroom without any difficulty. As she stepped into the bedroom she could see how they were both sleeping peacefully. Now came the dangerous part. She drenched the cloth in chloroform and put it on Tim’s nose. The she took the rubber bands and put them around his head and above the cloth. She repeated the same with on Mary.With this both of them wouldn’t wake up and the cloth wouldn’t fall of if they moved. As she saw her work she was proud of herself. Now for the rest of the act of the play…

Tim woke up with a headache. He didn’t know where it came from, just that it was there. He opened his eyes, blinking multiple times to get accustomed to the state of being awake. He had slept an entire day through the chloroform and a slight headache was proof of this. He wanted to yawn but duck tape was covering his mouth. He wondered why it was there. This wasn’t normal. So he tried to rip it off with his hands. But he couldn’t move them. They were bound to something. He got nervous, this wasn’t normal either. He looked around. He was in his bedroom, but his wife wasn’t beside him. Where did she go? Why was he bound to a bed? What was happening?

Then came Jill through the door. Her chest and her faced splattered with blood. As Tim recognized her he wanted to shout. “Help me.” He tried to say. But all that left is mouth was “MMMPH.” She walked into the room and started to smile. Seeing him always made her smile.
“Hey Tim, remember me?”
“Oh right, you can’t talk. Let me help you with that?” Jill said and ribbed the duct tape off his mouth.
“There better?” She sat herself beside him. Looking at him with a small smile.
“Where is my wife? What is going on?” He asked.
“Do you remember me?” She asked again.
“Yes, we had something a few years back, right? I think your name was Lil or…”
“Yes, Jill. Sorry, but what is going on here?” He asked. He wasn’t sure of what to make of the situation. He was chained to a bed and a women with which he cheated on his wife was walking around in front of him, with blood on her clothes…
“Where is Mary, Jill? Where is she?”
“Well I’ll answer your questions one by one, honey. Just wait a second, I know you are full of energy and you probably will misunderstand everything if you interrupt me, so let’s put this back on.” She said and put the duct tape on him again. He fought at first but her hands were quicker that motions of his head.
“Now, to your first question. Your wife is dead. I killed her about two minutes ago.” Tim’s face froze cold. “Yea sorry, but she had to go. She was just too much of a burden on the both of us, and we can’t have that now can we? Also she had seen my face and I can’t let her press charges. The court would never understand the love we share for each other.” She made little pause and looked at him again with playful eyes. She thought that he looked so cute right now. “You probably want details. What happened was I chained her head to the kitchen sink and then cut her head of with one of your kitchen knifes.” Rage started to boil inside Tim. “You should really have bought new ones. The ones in the kitchen were pretty numb, it was way too much effort cutting her head off. Took like twenty minutes.” Tim was in rage now. He jumped and shouted on the bed. Trying everything to get loose and jump on this women.
“Now calm down honey, let me answer your second question. You remember how we had our fun a few years back, right? Well after that I felt very lonely, and on the same night I found out that I loved you.” She smiled at him like a little angel that had just confessed a sin. “And then I… well I guess some might it call stalking, however I would call it watching over you. And that’s what I did the last few years. I watched over you. Sometimes from the ventilation system. Sometimes from under your bed. Sometimes in every kind of closet. Sometimes in the walls, when you showered for example, that was always pretty sexy.” She stretched her arms out, the last part she remembered always fondly. “Anyways, I was here. But last night something hit me. It was clear that we were made for each other. Otherwise I wouldn’t love you as much as I do, but how can our souls truly join if they are still bound to this world? To this place where there are always rules and ways to behave?…. So I know this sounds weird and all but…. I have to eat you.” Tim was now back in reality. She had to what?
“Now don’t freak out, but this is the only way we can always be together. I’m sure you understand that somewhere in your heart. Now don’t struggle, this will only hurt at first, but if I do everything right it will be quick and painless.” Jill pulled out a very long knife from behind her. It glistened in the moonlight. “Now don’t move or this will hurt way more than you think.” Tim was in panic now. This couldn’t be real, what was she going to do? He had to get out of there but how? Jill put the blade just below his left nipple, put one hand on the back of the hilt, pulled back and rammed the knife right below his ribcage. Tim screamed. His body rocked automatically upward, causing the knife to glide faster inside. “Oh no, I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have moved. Now there is a hole in your lung….. I think I should just do it like they do in the movies.” She pulled the knife out again. Tim felt blood filling his lungs. The pain he felt can’t be described and the fear and panic in his heart wouldn’t be believed. The Jill lifted her arms with the knife between them.
“I love you honey.” She said and rammed the knife right into his neck. Tim could feel it, but only very numb. He really couldn’t feel anything anymore. His eyes rolled up and his mind drifted. He was gone.

Jill opened the door to her apartment and threw the keys to her car on the table. What a night, she thought. She took her clothes off and walked into the bathroom. She started the shower but looked in the mirror. Had she gotten fatter? She was definitely full now. After eating his lower chest she had to take a break and let all his intestines be digested. At the end of the day she thought that she couldn’t eat anymore. But then she thought of the love she felt for him and kept going until she gnawed off even the littlest part of his brain. She was definitely more than full. As the drops from the shower hit the ground she thought about what she had done. She didn’t feel any guilt at all. All she felt was happiness. No one would suspect her with Tim gone and his wife slaughtered. They would think he had killed her and ran away. But Tim was here. Right inside her. Just like she always wanted.


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