The Confession

Description: The recorded confession of a murderer.

Note: This story has some very sick parts in it so just keep that in mind. Personally it was just kind of an experiment on what it would be like to write 1st person. The ending also wasn’t as good as I hoped it would come out. Give me tips if you like and have fun reading.

Entry copied from the German Police Department in Potsdam
Entry created: 14.05.2015

Policeman: Now start, you are being recorded on tape.

Fredy: Hello, my name is Freddy Mac and this is my confession in which I will talk about what happened on the 6th of April, the day I got caught. I woke up early in that morning, I think it was at 6, trust me it’s usually never that early. After I woke up and looked at the alarm clock I wanted to go to sleep again but I couldn’t, it felt too early for that you know, I might doze off and oversleep. Now that I think of it I think it would have been quite unlikely. Mary was lying right next to me and she would have woken me. She is a wonderful angel you know, especially when she sleeps. Lying besides her and laying your arm around her, it feels like heaven inside your chest. Like sitting on a boat surrounded by a perfectly calm ocean… I’m sorry, this feels a little weird talking about this to some microphone.

Policeman: You are doing fine, just tell us everything that happened. This usually isn’t the normal routine but for what you did… I think the stations psychiatrist would love to analyse what you were feeling.

Fredy: Well if you say so. Anyways, she was sleeping beside me and I started to cuddle with her. I gave her a few kisses on her neck and cheek and she smiled at it. Something like that always feels good to a guy, at least to, it makes me feel special and that I’m needed. Anyways, while she was enjoying the sweet serenity of sleep, I wasn’t and therefore got a little bored. So I gave her one last kiss, put on my slippers and started to walk to the kitchen. I had one of these Simpson slippers, you know them? My wife had gotten them a few weeks ago for me and I love ’em. I wear them everyday now, really cute little things with Homers face on them. But I’m getting sidetracked, sorry. So I went to the shower and got myself cleaned up. Many people say that it’s the coffee in the morning that wakes you up, but you know what? It’s actually the shower. The coffee afterwards it’s just our brain controlled by the drug induced effects of caffeine. But that’s just my opinion. After I was done I went down to the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I think I had some cereals, but don’t quote me on that, might have just been some bread, who knows what they ate a week ago? Am I right? Yea I see you smiling over there, you know what I’m talking about. Ok anyways, then my wife came downstairs and Jammy’s alarm clock rang at seven so we had at least ten minutes for ourselves. Now I don’t have to tell you every detail of it, but if you have a kid and ten minutes without anything to do….let’s just say I didn’t finish breakfast. *Fredy chuckles* Anyways, after we were done my wife made us some coffee and packed Jammy’s backpack. I’m guessing you have a file on my family with all the information on them. He is a little devil that one, don’t get me wrong I love him to death but sometimes he just wants to make you mad. Here let me show you… wait… there we go. Here, you see him? That’s my boy, I always keep his picture somewhere with me. A picture of him and his mother, I like to think that they’ll bring me luck, but who knows? Right? One time he actually stole my lighter and almost lit up his entire room. Luckily we noticed it when he came down and said he needed a bucket of water *Fredy laughs* kids you now. Oh, talking ’bout lighter, can I smoke in here? yes, no, yes?

Policeman: Sure.

Fredy: Thanks man, swell of you. *lighter clicks and Fredy inhales* ok, where were we? Oh yea right, after we were done Jammy came downstairs and had some breakfast. He eats two bowls of cereal a day, I don’t even know where it all goes. I believe that there is some kind of black hole in his stomach, consuming everything that goes in. My little cereal killer. *Fredy laughs* Oh wait, this probably isn’t funny for you guys. Ok sorry, I’m in the habit of making bad jokes. So anyway, the little guy eats and goes upstairs to brush his teeth and put his clothes on and then play with his gameboy until we call him. He thinks we don’t know but we do. *Fredy giggles a little* Kids, amiright? Well while he is upstairs, me and my wife talk about what we have planed for the day, when suddenly a sound comes from the basement. We both look at the door leading to it. Then we look at each other and I say I’ll check it out. She’s ok with it and gets back to do whatever she did, I’m sorry I wasn’t looking and frankly didn’t care for it too much at that moment. So, I open the door and I walk downstairs. I go to this old closet which we have, you have been to my house, you’ve seen it. And then I open it to look if anybody had gotten out and couldn’t open the closet to finally break free and escape my house to call you guys. Apparently not, which REALLY calmed me down, you have no idea how much my heart was beating at that moment. I mean, what if somebody had gotten out and my wife would have found out, that shit would’ve caused so many problems phew I can’t even imagine right now. Oh, cigarette *Fredy takes a breath of the cigarette* almost forgot. So, I take my old ax standing beside the closet and open the little hidden door on the bottom of it and start walking down the stairs. I was actually a little afraid somebody might stab me from behind but I knew that was ludicrous since I don’t keep weapons down there. For security purposes, you guys understand. So then I put on my lab coat and my body suit and walk past the cages to my right and left. The guys in there were of course howling, screaming, begging me to let them go, tell them why they are here or other stuff. Except the ones which had been here longer since, you know, they already knew who I was and so on. Anyways, so I go down the path of cages and open the door at the end of it, and there she is. Her name was Clarice, she was actually a new girl. I had gotten her two days ago and she had been quite the loudmouth and tearjerker, which means she cried a lot and pretty loud. What I saw was that she had somehow picked the lock to her prison and had broken free, and now she just stood there, mascara flowing down her eyes. I asked her to please go back into the cage, and she of course goes on screaming and shouting. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it and till today I’ve always asked myself, what the fuck are they trying to accomplish. I mean they know the situation, they know they can’t be saved but still they scream. As if I would just let them go or something. Crazy bitches *Fredy takes a breath of the cigarette* shit, so anyways I tell her to o back into the cage where she belongs and she doesn’t stop to scream. So I tell her that I will chop her fucking head off if she doesn’t get moving. Then she stares at me and suddenly recognizes me, and she stands there in awe. As if she had just seen Jesus Christ standing in front of her and giving himself a wank. Then she screams again and again about how I betrayed her, and how sick I am and yadeydadeyadeya. Shit, all I could think of was that I needed to get a new lock for that bitch, or girls like her. You know they got those electric locks now, that locks automatically and you need some bluetooth to open that shit? Fucking crazy man, 21st century though, these techno-wizards can really cook up anything these days. That’s also when I knew I had to kill her, she would break out the cage again if I didn’t. So she goes on screaming and gets mad and shit and storms towards me. *Fredy chuckles* I mean she seriously stormed towards me, what the fuck was she gonna do? Beat in a fight where she had nothing and I had an ax? I tell ya man. So I took a good swing and hit her right into the neck, and that shit was disgusting I tell ya, and she didn’t stop bleeding everywhere. It was like.. um.. oh yea, shaking and stabbing a beer can and watching all of it pour out of her. Dis-gus-ting I tell ya, and the bitch was still alive so I had to do something. So I had to put her out of her misery. Poor girl, she didn’t deserve what happened then. I swung the ax like a golf player, just so it would rip her head off and she would die, however I aimed a little too low it the ax hit her right in… you know… the lower region. There was blood fucking everywhere, and her face, you can’t even imagine her face. Imagine the face of a guy getting his balls cut off and then put than face on a girl. *A policeman pukes in the background* Dude, I almost did too. Some off the prisoners that watched me definitely did, so I quickly broke her neck with the ax. *Fredy takes a breath from the cigarette* I tell ya, I was never more sorry about killing someone than I did killing her. Then I looked at the watch and saw that all of this had taken almost fifteen minutes, I had to get back up or my wife would have found out. So I ran back to ladder, pulled off my clothes, almost tripped over them and jumped up the ladder like I was freaking Tarzan. When I reached the top I quickly closed the closet and ran back up to my family. Jammy still hadn’t come down, playing video games again, and I heard my wife call that it was time for school. I jogged to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She then asked me what had happened and I told her it was a raccoon and that it was dead now and she needn’t worry about it. She smiled at me and Jammy finally came down. We then said our goodbye’s and we all hugged each other. My wife then came towards me and told me that we had to have a talk when she came back and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. After they drove away, I went to downstairs to get my clothes. Not the ones I wore on a day to day basis, I got my work clothes. You see, my wife thinks that I’m an internet blogger and that’s how I earn money. The truth is, I sell organs. *Freddy takes a breath from the cigarette* It’s a demanding job you know, a hell of a lot more difficult than anything you guys have ever done, trust me on that one. First you have to find the victims, then you have to get them back to your house, you have to care for them until an order comes in and all that shit. Did you know organ selling is just on demand? I can’t just go out and say hey who wants some liver? Nope, you gotta say hey I got some liver and it’s cheaper than most other livers in the region. Then you also got to know the roads of the street, the pikes and turns, who do you sell to? How do you sell? What’s your product exactly? It can all get very confusing. Anyways I wanted to talk about my day. So what happened next is that I went and got my clothes which are just a leather jacket and some normal everyday stuff. You have to wear normal shit or those kids will spot you in a crowd if you’re following them. That’s why the girl also said that she recognized me, t’was because she remembered when I asked her for the time. But about that later. So I went out, locked the door behind me, greeted the neighbors and drove with my car around town to look for some girls or guys which looked healthy. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but it’s easier to go for guys than girls. Wanna know why? It’s ’cause guys don’t feel threatened when a man has been walking behind them for two blocks. One would imagine they would fight back if you put them chloroform under their nose but usually they are under such a shock, because they had trusted their feelings and that reality betrayed them, that they can’t even fight back. They also survive longer in captivity, which is great for me if there is a longer dry period. So that’s always a plus, however girls have the better organs, which kind of speaks for them. It’s because they don’t eat the shit that guys sometimes press down their throat, you know? But what can ya say, one always got to have an ample supply of both. Just as a form of backup, and since this morning I was one girl short so I had to look for one. The best time to get people is in the daytime, crazy right? It’s because if somebody screams at night, people are more willing to look what happened. But if someone screams in broad daylight, most people think it’s some joke or something and they don’t follow up on it, crazy right? But I was talking about the girl. So I drive up this suburban hill and there sits a girl on a bench just chatting on her handy. This was too good to be true. So I parked my car around the corner and walked over to the girl. When I stood in front of her she looked up from her handy and asked me “whatcha want” In this ghetto slang that is in these days. This hip hop culture these days is a idiotic and on a rich white girl like her it sounded even more ridiculous. So I say “what’s your name?” and she says Cindy and then I ask her if she has been living around here for a while and she says yes and even tells me where exactly. Suburban white people I tell ya, always too trusting. So she asks me who I am and I tell her I’m a private detective. And then she is all wow and how cool and wants to see my badge and stuff. You know, I keep a lot of badges at home. Sometimes I’m a police officer, sometimes the trash man, whatever works.Then I convince her to come to my car and look at some photos to see if she might recognize them. The photos are just some girls I found on google pictures, print them in black and white and make ’em look professional and you’ve got yourself a victim that beliefs you. Anyways, I look around one last time to see if anyone is looking and then I give her the chloroform. She struggles a little but then she goes to sleep. I throw her into the back of the car, put a grey blanket over her and then I drive back home. This procedure takes from ten minutes to an hour, depending if you’re lucky. Just enough time so that I’m home before my wife gets back. If she comes back earlier and I’m not home I tell her that I was just getting some ice cream. Funny story: Once I had a really bad run for two weeks and everyday it took longer to find someone, spring break or some shit, so every time I went out had to go and buy some ice cream so she doesn’t notice. So by the end of the two weeks we had like every flavor of ice cream in our freezer and my wife just looks at me and says “are you pregnant”? *Freddy laughs* That shit was fuuuny man. Yea, you might not think so but it was pretty funny. So anyways, I go home to dump her into a cell but when I get there I already see my wife’s car parking in front. I start worrying because she didn’t call, since she always does. And then I remember, like an idiot I had forgotten to close the trap door in the closet. I started freaking out and even played with the idea to just drive away and start a new life with the girl in the backseat, I think she was into me. *silence* Really? No laughs? You guys are even colder than I expected. Well anyways, then I manned up, parked my car, got the girl out and ran into the garage to dump her body in a cell, close the trap door and play husband again. However when I dropped her body down the ladder, guess who sits in a chair in the middle of the room? You guessed it, my wife, and she gives me this look that I can’t even describe. Anyways, so she asks me what all of this is and what the fuck I am doing? At first I do the usual’s. I tell her it isn’t what it looks like, she got it all wrong, I’m sorry. All that stuff. Then she looks at me again with that look and I tell her that I sell organs for a living. Then there is a fucking quiet throughout the room, even those fuckers in the cells were quiet. I swear you could hear the roaches fucking in the walls and then she drops the bomb. She looks at me and says “I know.” And then my jaw drops, like literally drops and I don’t know if this is good or bad or what the fuck is happening right now. So she tells me that she had known for a few months now and that she has been trying to think of a way to talk with me about it. Insane right? The entire time I’m thinking is she gonna call the cops now or not? She tells me that she had found out when I dumped a guy downstairs and she had to bash his head in with a shovel and bury him somewhere. I thought the guy had run away and I even wondered why he never called the cops. During that time I almost panicked everytime you guys drove by our house. Anyways, so apperently after she had seen my little hiding place, she had started to stalk me. See what I do and how I do it. Especially why I did it. In the end she came to the conclusion that it was all for the better if I continued doing it, but she still wanted to know how I felt about not telling her. I told her I had always felt bad about it, and that I love her. So we start making up and everything. Then she says that we might go out together some day, make a couples thing out of it. That was again one of those moments where I knew that I loved her. My little beautiful angel… can’t wait to see her again. That’s why I wanna get this done a little quicker now *Freddy takes a last breath from the cigarrette and dumps it* So remember the girl I killed in the beginning of the day? The ones neck I broke? Apperently I didn’t do such a good job at it. She had taken the lock from her prison cell and during the talk between me and my wife, had started to sneak up on us. Quiet as a mouse I tell ya. We didn’t hear anything. Then she took the look and bashed it first against my head and then against my wifes, we were both knocked out instantly from it and after we woke up, you guys stood there pointin guns at us, and the rest of the story is history as they say. Was that enough of a confession?

Policeman: Yes you fucking monster. You are gonna get the chair for this I hope you know that.

Freddy: Actually I’m not. Sorry to dissapoint you officer.

Policeman: What?

Freddy: It’s simple. The CIA has been looking to bust the illegal organ trade for a while now, and before you guys got me they had either no evidence or no that wanted to talk to them about it. So they came to me, two days ago actually and guess what happened? They made me a deal, if I can give them one third of my monthly costumers, I can go on kidnapping and selling peoples organs. Surprised? I was too. Want to know what the best part is? Here, I tell ya. They are actually going to pay me. Kind of like I’m an employee of the state. That means I can do whatever I did before and get payed for it, and they promised I wont go to jail. Ever. Insane right? *silence* Oh don’t look so glum now Mr. Officer, we are both working for the state now.

*A fight breaks out after the policeman hits Freddy. The man gets escorted out.*

Freddy: I’ll see your children soon Mr. Officer, sleep tight tonight.


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