Tied Down

Desciption: A women that is cheating on her man will now feel the wrath of her sins.

His hands caressed her skin.
Moving up and down on her naked spotless body.
Making her shiver. She loved it.
She was hot and naked, and she was cheating on her husband in this could and stormy night. Lightning was thundering through the sky, ripping the clouds apart while the rain bashed onto the window behind which the two sinners were practicing sweet and forbidden lust.
“I love how you touch me…” she said and sighed deeply as he slid his hands across her nipples.
“And I love touching you.” The boy said nervously. He was young and full of youthful spirits. He had never been with a women, especially one as experienced as her.
However, unlike most times this happens, it wasn’t him who found her in that lone bar in the woods, it was her that found him. Both of them knew this, but none of them took it as a fault which might diminish the mood. She had found him and made him her toy that night. Something to play with while the husband was again away. Away at some business meeting that he always had, a meeting after which he came home, talked about his day and asked for dinner or a movie to watch with her. He wanted to spent time with her before he had to go to work again the next day. Too early for either of them to enjoy the presence of the other.
It was hard for, her husband being away all day.
She was alone and felt useless.
There was an emptiness growing insider her. Making her feel like a lone leave that was falling down the tree of life. With no one home, no one to take care of her, no one to tell her that she was loved and special and not just a piece of furniture only alive to please and support.
At first she tried to drown this loneliness, drown it with the spirits that led many man and women to spiral downwards into a black hell of forgetfulness. However then her husband noticed. At first it was when he kissed her lips, tasting of gin and Jim. He thought that she had just a little drink to relieve her day of loneliness. Enough to make her happy but not so that she might relieve herself upon the carpet.
However one day the maid had forgotten to throw the trash out and he had to walk towards the can to dispose of the remains of their luxurious lifestyle. When his eyes fell downwards to the kingdom of bottles which piled up inside it. That was when he knew that she had problem.
So he went to a therapist and paid him to come to their house everyday to help her and relieve her of any problems she might be having.
And so after weeks of therapy, he did relieve her of her first sin instantly trading it for another as she started to relieve herself on him. This is where it all started, her first kiss away from the love of her life. Away from what she promised to love, respect and care for till death did them apart. But like many addicts to the need of pleasure she couldn’t let a joy be as a event not followed by another. After she was done with the therapist she moved on, moved on from pub’s to bar’s, from disco’s to dinner’s, meeting man after man to fuck away her loneliness. She had them all, young and old, fit and fat, tall and short. Yet it was always the young that fed her insatiable hunger for one night after the other. Because, even if some of them finished their task before the allotted time, they were always full of energy.
She also loved how their hands shook when they touched her for the first time, like a promise to her and that she was their Siren, their Helena, their Goddess.
When she did it for the first time she was full of shame, but with every time she did it, and every time she went out for the day, her lust grew stronger and her regret and shame minimized. He is probably doing the same thing, she thought, probably doing some bimbo slut or taking drugs or doing some other shit without me knowing.
Yet she knew that this wasn’t true. Her husband had always been a portrait of a perfection. She once had a private investigator follow him for a year so as to assure herself that he was also doing something that might destroy their union. However she found nothing, not even the slightest trace of a transgression. He never took any illegal sustenance, never drunk too much and definitely never replaced her for someone younger, funnier or sexier. After a year she had seen enough, but she kept thinking that he must have somehow tricked the detective, for no one can be perfect.
“Boy, what was your name again?” She asked, toning her voice so that he was assured of her thoughts and wants.
“Billy, yea my name is Billy…” He said, his voice was shaking from the manhood which had been at complete desire at this point.
“Billy then, you see that box over there?” She said and pointed in the darkness towards a crate which was standing at the end of the room right below the window. “Go and fetch something from there.” “What exactly do you want?” He asked. She sat herself upward and kissed him with her lips pressing themselves on his.
When their lips parted she said “whatever you want sugar.” And laid herself back onto the bed. The boys eyes widened, this was the perfect moment he had been waiting for.
He stood up walked over to the box and opened it by its leather belts. When he opened it his eyes widened in amazement.
Everything was there, everything and anything to please any sexual fantasy a man could have. From sticks to staffs, from masks to mouth gags, everything was lying in the box, loosely lying around like coins in a treasure chest.
He looked at it in awe for a second and then he saw what he wanted. He pulled it out and closed this box of desire, letting the lustful devices rest in their darkness that they knew so well. After he closed it he looked outside for a second.
A thunderbolt illuminated the room again, it had stopped raining and now only the rumbling of the clouds could be heard. As he looked outside he noticed how something had moved through the bushes. Maybe a rabbit but then he saw and knew, knew what he had to do and that he could feel no fear or insecurity, only strength and confidence.
He turned around and another bolt lit up the room so she could see the lust that he had chosen.
“Oh, the ropes, you naughty boy…” She said, and he walked back to the bed. “Well then Billy, make me yours.” She said put her hands to the edge of the bed. The boy looked at her again, one last look before he did what he had to, before there was no going back anymore. Still he knew, there was never any going back. There hadn’t been any going back for the last week, there was only a task that lay ahead of him which he had to fulfill.
He stretched his shaking arms to the her hands and tied them with the black rope to the bed.
First her hands,
then her feet.
Making her unable to move or rock around, making her unable to flee. She looked at him again, this time with the eyes a viper gives its prey before it snatches it. He looks at her again, his eyes now echoing pity. He felt bad for her, bad for what was about to happen. But he knew of her sins, of her past exploits of lust. So he looked around for a second. His eyes tracing the floor.
“I am right here.” She said with a smile. She didn’t know what he was looking for, maybe it was too dark and he couldn’t find her lying naked on the silk bed. Then he found what he was looking for, his underpants, lying on the ground. With haste he walked towards them and let them package his manhood.
“What are you doing?” She asked and looked at him with the eyes of a women which had no idea what her lover was doing.
“I am sorry.” He said, walked towards the door and gave it two good knocks. The door opened and a large shape filled it’s corners. It was a man, and as his hands moved to the switch and pulled it, she saw that it was her man.
“Hello darling.” He said, his face making no expression which could indicate any kind of emotion.
There was a silence, floating through the room. She was lying on the bed, her eyes wide and her her jaw hanging loosely in fear and shock. The boy, just stood there. Nothing could have prepared him for what was happening right now, not even himself even though he had tried for the entire week.
The man walked now inside the room. “I bet you you wonder what is happening right now?” He said, but she could already imagine. “To make it short, I have been watching you.” He said, moving his hands inside his pockets, feeling around for something.
“Wanna know for how long?”
He had found what he was looking for.
“For six years to the day.” He said and her eyes move open in shock. Her knew since the beginning, she thought.
“I honestly hoped everyday that you would stop, I knew you were alone…. and felt… well.. insecure. And probably needed someone to keep you warm.” He pulled out two black leather gloves.
“Sweety, what are you doing wi..”
“Please don’t interrupt me honey!” He screamed at her. She flinched in shock of his loud voice.”Now… every man has a breaking point. A point at which he has enough… and I reached that point two weeks ago. At this point I had to face the grim truth.”
He now started to put on his gloves, accentuating ever movement.
“And the truth was that you were never going to stop. Ever. No matter how hard I would have tried. You weren’t desperate anymore. No no, no…you had surpassed that point a long time ago. Now you were only doing it for game and sport and that my dear,” he put on his left glove, making a snapping sound with it. “Is the definition of cheating.”
He then looked down with a sad gloom surrounding him.
“At first I was sad, even desperate, I mean I had just found out that my true love was betraying me… shit…” Tears started to fill his eyes, he looked at her. “Why did you do it?”
She had looked at him with fear the entire time but now she felt as if she was in some form of power position. “You know why, you were never home. What was I supposed to do?”
“You could have talked to me about it”
“You never listen!” She shouted. There was silence again as his tears hit the floor.
“Yes I did… I always listened. Your voice was always like the chirping of birds in the summer, like the soft sound of a harp that was invading my mind. I loved you…”
A quiet filled the room again. She looked at him now in anger. Pathetic, she thought, a pathetic man crying on the floor.
“I loved you too, but look what you turned into. Just pathetc…now cut me from this rope.”
“You know, the first time I saw was with the therapist.” She rolled her eyes, how long was this going to go on?
“I paid him to help you and help he did. I saw him again last week, after I met Billy.” Her eyes moved over to the boy who was just looking at the two of them. Expressionless.
“I actually brought him along. I wonder if, when he sees you like this, he will be as happy as last time” He wished his tears from his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he walked over to the door, went around the corner towards walked to the stairs. She looked at the boy.
“Get me out of here.” She said.
“You know what you did, you disgusting bitch.”
“But why are you doing this to me? I thought we were gonna have fun.”
“We were,” He said, scratching his neck.” But I met your husband last week in the same bar we met today. He was alone and was drinking heavily. Tears were running down his cheeks so I went over to him and ask him what was wrong. He told me everything, it was brutal.” He made a pause to take a breath. “So I talked to him how we might solve this problem… and we found a way. After that I actually wanted to drink some more with him at my place…” Her eyes widened as he let out a small sigh. “But either he loved you too much or his trouser vine doesn’t swing the way mine does.” He now smiled at the word trouser vine. He should use it more often he told himself. Her eyes gleamed with surprise.
“So you are…?”
“Gay, yea.”
“But you were hard when we….”
“Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t even really thinking about you. I was imagining you were him,” he pointed at the door to show that he meant her husband. “that kinda let to me getting turned on a little. You’re husband is a very sexy man, you know. I have no idea how you could throw someone like him away.” He then crossed his arms then and leaned against the wall beside the door.
“CATCH!” A voice behind the floor shouted and something hit her right in the stomach. Her husbands face popd out the door and looked at her smiling.
At first she tried to move away but the ropes were keeping here in place and so the thing hit her right in the stomach. She left out some air and started coughing. The thing was now lying beside her stomach and blood started to stain the bed, drenching the spot it had reserved with red blood.
As she spotted it she started to scream as she could identify that it was the severed head of her old therapist.
“You monster, what have you done.” She said and looked at the both of them. “Oh my god, get him away from me.”
Both her husband and the boy had a small smile on their face.
“We got the rest of him down in the trunk, we are gonna get him later after we are done.” Her husband said.
Her eyes were now fixated on him, what did he mean?
“Well, let me unveil our plan to you.” He said and walked into the room. He now had both of his gloves on and they both showed still signs of the severed head. “After what you have done to me, we were thinking about revenge. But we didn’t know what to do, nothing seemed…. how can I say….”
“Appropriate?” The boy said,
“Yes, thank you, appropriate enough. However one thing did come to mind. None of us wanted to say it but in the end we both thought of the same thing. So now we are going to kill you, spike your head and make it look like one of your lovers did it.”
He said it in such a happy tone that she thought he had lost his mind.
“But the police are going to…”
“Do nothing.” He said. “No one is gonna believe that I killed my wife, because our neighbors are gonna tell them I was having dinner with them.”
“Stan and Mary…”
“Knew what you were doing from the start and they were too happy to help me in my endeavors.” He said pulled out a knife from behind his back. She was now in panic, he was actually going to kill her.
“Please, don’t, I love you…” she said, her eyes started to tear now.
“No you don’t honey, maybe once, many years ago. But six years ago you decided you didn’t and you never would have again.” Her started walking towards her. “Now don’t worry honey, this will all be over soon.” The boy now chuckled to himself, he knew that wasn’t true. Her husband then took one of the hands which was still tied to the bed post.
“Here we go, now honey I just want to tell you, scream as much as you want. No one is going to hear, I made sure of that.” He took his knife and severed one of her fingers with a fast cut.
Her cries filled the night with terror as a swarm of birds flew away from a tree in front of their window. She couldn’t hear them. At first her cry was loud, echoing through the dark. Making herself loud enough for anyone to hear that might pass by, but to her despair, no one heard. After she had lost the air from her lungs the screams lessened themselves to increments of screaming and shouting till she was finally quiet again. The blood was now flowing down her hand and her arm, dripping on the satin cushions.
“Oh come on now, that wasn’t that bad…” He said.
“You swine, you pig I hate you.” She screamed, spit at him, missing by a foot, and then started to cry.
“Trust me honey, that was nothing. Because just like you, I have a box too.” He said and the boy went around the corner and pulled a huge box into the room. It was made out of brown wood and dark leather. The boy opened it and inside were the opposites of her box.
There were instruments of pain and hate, instruments only reserved for the worst of tortures and some that hadn’t been used in 500 years. Her breathing and her heartbeat increased incrementally by the second as she saw what destiny had held in place for her.
“Now you see honey,” he said, making a small movement with the finger she had just lost. “That wasn’t pain, that was only you loosing a finger. Not real pain.” He smirked at her. “But don’t worry. in a minute you will feel real pain.” He said and pulled out the first torture device intended for her. “Till you feel what I have felt all these years.”
Next door Stan and Mary were cuddling in front of the fire, each of them holding some hot chocolate in their hands with small marshmallows floating on top of the hot steaming drink.
“I love you, you know that?” Stan said and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.
“Oh I love you too.” She said, pulled her head up and gave him a kiss on the lips. They both could feel how much the one felt for the other and it made them feel warm inside.
“I can’t imagine what I would do if you cheated on me.” Stan said as he heard the first scream from the house of their neighbors.
“Probably the same as Rick is doing to Michelle over there.” Mary said and they both chuckled. Both of them knew that neither of them was going to pain the other. They loved each other too deeply for that.
“She deserves it,” Stan said as the hit of a hammer and another scream echoed through the night. “I never liked her anyways.”
“Right?” Mary said. “I mean she was always so… you know, so… she was always too nice.”
“Oh yea, definitely.” Stan said. “And she tried to flirt with me, more than once.”
“Wretched bitch.” Mary said. Then there was quiet as they both stared into the fire as screams of terror and torment echoed from the house of their neighbors.
“Is it sick that we are listening to this?” Stan asked.
“Oh no honey, I kinda like it and she deserves every toe she loses.” Mary said.
“Well if you say so, now let’s drink the hot chocolate before it gets cold.” He said and they both took a sip from their hot beverage. Then Mary put her head on Stan’s chest again and they both sighed in relief of how they loved being with the other, while they listened to the screams and shouts that came from the house of their neighbors. Screams and shouts like
“Not my knee, oh god not my knee.”,
“You wont need your eyes where you’re going.” and
“You think this is bad, wait till we are getting to your chest.”
All of them getting lost in the echoes of the night.

Note: So this was written for another contest. I gotta be honest, I am not happy with it. The ending was pretty cool but I didn’t like some parts, but I didn’t know how to change it into something better. So yea, if you know, comment. Have fun.


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