Description: Detective Hans is hunting the Requiem Murder but has taken an evening of to enjoy a quiet evening with one of the witnesses. However he doesn’t know how close the Requiem Murder is to him.

“Sex,” she said. “I want sex from you, Mr. Hans.” Something in my pants started to bulge. Was it how she said Mr. Hans in that cute little voice that she had, or was it how she only wore a silk shirt, showing me everything she got, and that was a lot. Maybe it even was how she leaned against the frame of the door, huffing and puffing these cigarettes like it was the last day of her life. The entire room smelled of them, the smell of oranges. A special kind of tabak, only found in high class smoking stores. My gun and badge start to get annoying, soon they’ll lay beside the bed, I thought, waiting for us to be done.

I had met her at a crime scene, she was a witness to a murder which we call the Requiem Murders. A case me and my partner hadn’t been able to solve for a year now, and every month there were more victims. More losses, reminding us of our failure. The failure of not seeing through the murders facade.
Luckily the chief could keep the press from knowing that there was such a thing as the Requiem Murders. Everyone at the station also kept their mouth shut, God knows what kind of a shitstorm would have hit the police station if the news would have gotten televised. The smoke from her cigarette had filled the other rooms now, anyone who came in would have smelled it. I didn’t care, we were in a shabby hotel somewhere downtown in the tenth stock and it was her sixth tonight and I didn’t care about any of it.
All I could care about were two thinks. First, if the Requiem Murders were done by one man, or more. I knew there was something I had missed, I just couldn’t remember what it was. Maybe the way the corpses were tortured, maybe the way they had suffered, maybe even how it always appeared that someone broke in. I didn’t know…but it had something to do with smoke. It was something which hadn’t escaped my mind the entire evening now. From when I picked her up, till the point where we ate together and pretended that all of this was only a formal meeting to asses the situation that she was in.
We both knew it was only a facade, a game of sorts, but it was a game we both enjoyed playing.
My second thought then was if I was gonna come to her, taking her like a man, kissing her with the passion and strength a women like her deserved, or if she was gonna come to me, making me her willful slave, obeying everyone of her commands, making me hers, for one hot, sticky and sweaty night. I felt how blood had started pumping stronger through my veins, making it impossible for me to take my eyes off her. My instincts were starting to take over, and I had no problem letting them. Then I noticed how she was looking at me, looking at me with these blue eyes which were hiding behind her blond hair, making me feel a prowess inside me which was only begging to be let loose.
I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and walked over to here, making every step slow enough so that the tension inside her could build up too. On the way I thought of the murders and something struck me, a kind of shining light, a lightning bolt which showed me how… and the it was gone. I knew it was something important, something major. Maybe even something that could have broken the case. However as soon as I stood before her I felt as if it didn’t matter anymore, nothing mattered anymore. All that mattered was how her perfume filled my nose, making me feel like a warm summers day. A day where everything was perfect, where the sun shines on your face and you can hear the birds chirp. A day where there was no future or past, only the present. And I knew that I was going to use this present that God had given me in all the ways a man could use it.
She took one more puff of her cigarette, and looked me in the eyes, those bright blue eyes which were illuminated only by the light that was showing through the shuttered window, highlighting her eyes as if they were blue diamonds, blissfully shining in the light of the moon and the cars driving by. As she looked up to me, she looked so helpless, so innocent. Like a princess on her first wedding night. I knew it was all for show, she didn’t put on too hard, trying to make it as subtle as possible, but I knew. No one was this innocent, and no women could demand sex after I asked her what else she wants tonight without harboring at least a little devil inside of her. A temptress, only laying out a trap so she can devour her prey. A succubus, making me wild with fantasies of lust and sex. All these and more.
I snatched her cigarette away and took a smoke from it, inhaling it slowly, my eyes still fixated on hers. I could see she loved it and she was filled to the brink with the same thoughts that I had. As I wanted to breathe out the smoke and finally take her, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards her. Our lips touched with the force of a wrecking ball destroying a wall. I closed my eyes, being in paradise where the angels sang. Showing her my lust with every move my lips made, making her feel my Eros. She did the same as the smoke in my mouth transferred over to hers. Then our tongues met and an atom bomb went off in my mind. I was hers now, I had walked into her trap and was now her puppet, doing everything she would want me to do; and she wanted me to do whatever I wanted to her. I could feel it.
At this point I couldn’t control myself anymore, I took her behind, lifted her up and pressed her against the wall. Instinctively her legs clutched around my back, assuring me that this was what she wanted. Her mouth was a sweet promise of things to come. A wave of lust, tossing me around like a man lost at sea. Then she pulled her mouth from mine, breathing out the smoke and looking at me with the eyes of a tigress.
She wanted it, and she wanted it now.
I didn’t waste any second thinking about how I could turn her on even more and carried her over to the bed. I let her fall and pushed myself on top of her, the bed made a sound of old metal stretching. The strings were old and so was the bed. I pushed my lips again onto hers, now softer and with more care, I had gotten this far and didn’t want to lose her now. My lust was bulging now even harder, trying to break out and find the one spot it wanted to find more than anything else. She took the back of my neck and pushed me back, causing our lips to break apart. She looked at me again with these diamond eyes. ” It want you to be mine.” She said. I knew right then and there what she wanted. I jumped away from her and now stood in front of the bed. Hastily I opened the buttons on my shirt, every button feeling like an endless fumbling about. Finally off, I felt freer, even more in the moment. I pulled off my shoes with my feet, first the right and then the left. Then there was the last part, the part that counted. I started to pull my pants down, revealing my black, cotton underpants and a bulge which defined my hunger for her. Her eyes widened as she saw me, unraveled and feeling like Adam that was about to take his Eve. She jumped from the bed, kneeling now before me, I knew what she was going to do and so did she. She waited for a second, letting the tension inside me build up like a volcano. Then she put her long, white nails under my shorts and pulled them down.
“Wow detective, I see you carry a big gun.” She said, looking up to me. Then she stood up, causing me to get confused. We were both there, in the perfect position, why did she stand up? Like a schoolboy about to loose his, I stood there. “First I want you to be mine.” She said. Now I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to be hers and hers alone. So I hoped onto the bed, and laid down while she pulled off the covers of the cushions, the bed and the blanket, twisting them each, creating some sort of crude rope out of each of them. I stretched my hands and feet, making me look like a human X, or a man which was trying to grab every post of the bed with every limp he had. Whatever I was, was a man about to be tied down.
Quickly she tied me to each of the posts, knowing that I couldn’t wait another minute for us to take a passion filled journey to heaven. Then she jumped on the bed, pressing hers against mine, creating an even bigger tension between us. She put her hands on my chest, slowly letting her fingernails glide down my upper and lower abs. She loved it, she loved my body, my smell and how I was hers alone. I could see it in her eyes. Then she bend forward, causing ours to rub against each other even more. She bend forward and gave me a kiss that would make angels weep and demons grin. It was full of lust, of lust and heat and every emotion a man needed to feel. Then she let our lips break apart again, I knew she was now going to let her inhibitions go and start taking the steps downtown.
But the she leaned down even more, letting her mouth be beside my ear, and whispered. “I’m going to miss you detective.” Then she jumped of the bed, leaving me bewildered. I didn’t know if she was about to get into some kind of role-play or if she wanted to leave, making me a perverted prank for the cleaning lady the next morning. She then walked over to the window, snatching a cigarette and lighting it. She looked outside, her eyes wandering across the streets below. “You never noticed, did you?” She asks me. Her voice had changed. She wasn’t the sweet, innocent girl that I had met at the crime scene. The one which was gonna make my dreams come true and cry the entire night screams of wild lust. No, she was someone else now. Someone with a harsher voice, and eyes that looked as if they could kill.
“Noticed what?” I asked her, my prowess was beginning to weaken because of this sudden turn of events. I started worrying that this might get ugly, and definitely not for her. However, maybe there was a change she was pretending. “You never noticed the smell, I thought any detective with such a great record as yours would.” I wondered what she was talking about. I couldn’t think of what the devil this women was talking… Then it hit me. Like a train, running me over. “No.” I was in disbelieve, I knew now what had struck me the entire evening. It was the smell of her cigarettes. Minty in taste, leaving a smell of oranges in the room. It was the same smell that had haunted the rooms of the murders.

She stretched her fingers between the shutters, opening them a little. Then she pushed her cigarette into her mouth and knocked against the window twice. I would have said that I knew because I’m a detective, but any idiot would have seen it, she had signaled someone something. In a situation like this nobody just bangs their fingers against a window for no reason.
“You are the Requiem Killer!” I exclaimed. The words tasted funny in my mouth, making me feel a little like an idiot. It sounded ridiculous, just too ridiculous. Like a bad joke that someone would have made sarcastically. I had found the Requiem Killer, however at this point I was certain that she had found me. She turned to me. “Yes, you caught me detective.” She started clapping with her hands sarcastically. As if I had won some sort of competition. “Well done, but I guess this time it’s the convict the put the cuffs on the detective, and not the other way around.” She said and started laughing a little about her own joke. She then pulled the cigarette out of her mouth, creating a smoke cloud which she blew away with a short burst of air.
Then I saw it, my gun. It was lying right beside the bed, waiting for me to grab it. However I knew I couldn’t get out of these ropes. They were bound too tightly. Even if I could have escaped them, I might make a noise which would alert her and make her see what I was up to. Fuck, I thought, if I can’t think of something soon this might be it for me and remembering how the victims of the Requiem Killer looked when she was done with them, I knew that it wasn’t going to be over quick. She looked at me with a face of delight, she loved the situation she was in. She loved how I wasn’t able to fend her off, how I wasn’t able to escape. She was a spider, and I had walked right into her web of deceit and lies. Then I noticed something, a ray of hope, shining at my hands. I noticed how I could move them every second a little more. I remembered something my partner had once told me. “When you are ever about to be bound somewhere, clench your fists. This will make your lower arms bigger and creating a little wiggle room for you to use.” He said. Hell, at first I laughed about it. Thinking how it might help if you’re are with a women and had forgotten the save word. But now, this little trick just might save my life. While she had tied me down my hands were clenched, and with the blood running through my veins at high speeds they had gotten even bigger. Ok, calm down, I thought, the more you calm the down the higher the chance of you getting out of this. But wouldn’t she notice? I had to try to make her talk, maybe put her mind on other things. “Why me?” I shouted, feeling how my the blood circulated slower now. I thought of her victims, all the blood and gore. It disgusted me, but this disgust helped. It turned me off even more, making me smaller in size.
“Everyone asks that,” she said, apathetic as one would expect of a killer. I still could barely fathom the situation I was in. “But usually there is no reason.” She took another breath of her cigarette. “What do you mean, there is no reason?” I say. She turns towards the window, looking at the moon. “Usually, I kill because I love it. Stabbing a man to death, shooting him till he bleeds to death or punishing him by making him see his insides. The power; it makes you feel like God.” I had her now, she was talking and I could already wiggle my left arm. “I love it, it’s the ultimate thrill. The only thing which truly satisfies.”
She turns her head to the side, I am afraid she might see me trying to break loose, but she only stares at the ground. “Have you ever killed someone detective?” she asks. My left hand was now free, now I only had to get to my right hand. Keep her talking, keep her talking. “Yea, I actually had to. Twice.” I tell her, I fucking hope she swallows it. “Wasn’t it wonderful?” she asks, her head is still leaning towards me. “Yea, it did give me a feeling of… might.” I lie, I couldn’t give a less of a shit about the truth right now. The truth is I hated killing these people, even though they were gangsters, I hated it. “Well aren’t you a monster.” She says, chuckling to herself. She then turns again towards the moon. This is my chance, i think, and pull my hand out trying to free the other parts of my body. “You know, I know you’re lying.” She says, but she doesn’t turn around. Good, I have to make fast. If her fucking accomplice comes in I am deader than a uncovered agent in a drug ring.
“You know how I know? It’s because you only killed twice. If you really would have felt might, you wouldn’t have stopped. You would have gone on and then I wouldn’t have to be here. One monster doesn’t have to fight another. However you were too close to finding out who I was, I couldn’t let that happen.” My arms are free , just a few more seconds for my legs. “But never mind that, you should start saying prayers now. Soon you are going to be with man that hears them.” She turns around, fuck fuck I am still working on my left leg. “What the fuck?” She says, then her eyes wander to the gun. Finally, my leg is free and we both jump towards the gun. I am trying to stretch my arm as far as I can, if I can grab the trigger I win and just might survive this nightmare.
However I miscalculate, accidentally my hand hits the the empty ground and she gets the gun. She then instantly aims it at me. “Trying to pull a fast one, are we?” I raise my hands, this had just gone from bad to worse. However I had one advantage now, I was standing, free from any chains which bound my movements. I was loose now. Then I heard someone knocking on the door, her eyes left mine for a second and moved to the door. This was my chance, I could do it, just a short jump and I could take the gun from her. I make a move and time starts to slow down.
The feeling of my hand reaching for the gun feels like a short lifetime, even though I know it is less than a second. Come on, come on, I think, almost there. My legs move forward too now, stretching their muscle for the hope of one last attempt at being faster than her. My eyes are only fixated on the gun now, I reach and her head yanks towards me. I see shock in her eyes and she instinctively shoots. It’s a lucky shot, she might as well have missed, but the bullet goes through my left shoulder and I fall. I utter a loud scream, for one because of the pain, it shoots like lightning through my veins. Goddamn this hurts, I think to myself. For another because somebody might hear me, hear me and come help. Someone with a gun or skills in hand-to-hand combat. Someone that breaks through the door, takes the gun away from her, punches her lights out and saves me from this Goddam nightmare. But I know there is no hope for me anymore, even though somebody might hear me, somewhere in my mind I am starting to accept that this will be the place where I die.
“Stop it, you dumb son of a bitch. I got the gun, you understand. So be a good dog and lay the fuck down.” She shoots again, this time not into the shoulder but into my leg. The pain instantly redirects itself to my leg. The hole in my should feels like nothing but a scratch anymore. This pain, it is horrible. Feeling like fire and acid running through my veins. I scream, inside and outside of my head. I knew she had shot through a bone and there were splinters on the ground to attest to this. Fuck, somebody must have heard that. Somebody must be calling the cops by now, somebody…
“Somebody heard this you dumb bitch and they are gonna call the cops or some shit and they will throw your ass in jail, fuck my leg…” I put my hands on my leg, I don’t know why but it helps somehow. “No one will come,” She says, looking at me with dangerous eyes. Someone knocks on the door again. “Didn’t you see?” She starts walking towards the door and opens it gently. “There is no one in this entire Hotel, no keys were given away when we came here. All of them were still hanging behind the counter” Behind the door is another women. She has short blond hair and smaller than the average women. She carries a black bag beside her. “Any trouble?” She asks. “No, sweety, everything is fine.” “Ok pumpkin, well let’s get this party started.”
Sweety walks now towards me. Her bag is made out of black leather and only demons can know what is inside. She stops short of me and opens up her bag. “You already shot his leg, pumpkin. Why did you do that?” “He was jumping around.” Pumpkin says and walks over to the her pack of cigarettes. “Well now we can’t break his legs anymore, it will look asymmetric to the police, and they might thinks it’s ugly.” Sweety says and looks at pumpkin with a face which doesn’t portray a care a in the world. She then turns her head to me. “Hey police man.” She says with a voice that sounds like a strong and energetic women. What the fuck could she want from me? I think “What?” I say. “How did you get your badge?” She asks, fiddling with one hand in her bag. “What?” I ask again. I didn’t know what this psycho bitch could want from me.
“How did you earn your badge? Simple question.” Now she had me thinking. How did I earn my badge again? WHAM! She rams a small needle inside my food. Again I scream and pull my leg away. “What the fuck, you fucking bitch?” I pull the needle out of my foot. She stands up and stretches her back. “Anesthetic, you will get drowsy any second now.” Fucking bitch, i thought, I have a weapon now and… fuck. Then I felt it, the Anesthetic had already infiltrated my brain and my head started to shake around. “There we go, you will sleep any second now.” Sweety said.
I tried to stand up. My fucking legs barely moved. I couldn’t feel the pain in my leg or shoulder anymore. Good, good I thought, at least some silver lining. “Should we cut off his dick first and then burn the cut with the iron? I thought it was pretty cool with the last guy. Remember his face when he saw himself in the mirror.” Sweety laughs for a second, Pumpkin smiles too. “Sure, sure. Afterwards we’re gonna break his knees though.” I am leaning against the wall now, can barely move my fucking legs. Thinking doesn’t work that well either anymore. The girls are ignoring me completely. What the fuck can I do? Fuck, I know i thought. “I love you sweety.” Pumpkin said, ignoring me stumbling around. She starts walking over to Sweety to gives her a kiss. I am slowly walking towards window.
Sweety and Pumpkin had now started embracing, kissing each other with the passion I thought I was going to experience just a few minutes ago. I am now standing in front of the window, taking a deep breath. This is it, my pulse is raging with the speed of race car. I guess this is normal. “What the fuck is he doing. Hey!” Sweety shouts as she sees me in her peripheral vision. Pumpkin starts looking too now. “You now the blinds are shut, no one can see you. Just give up and let us have our fun.” Sweety said, this made Pumpkin smile a little. She loved it when Sweety got a little loud, it was so cute.
I took another breath, I had to do it now or the anesthesia would render me unconscious. I moved backwards a little. “Hey! HEY!” Pumpkin shouted now. “Get away from the fucking window I said.” I could barely hear them now. I was lost in my own head. Most of it was pretty much asleep, just one little part was still awake, willing me to move. Then I started running and with a leap ahead I broke through the window. I thought before I fell that I could hear Pumpkin scream “NO!” but I wasn’t sure. No one really cares about those things when they are about to pass out.

During the fall I could hear the glass breaking, but that was about all of it before the darkness of the anesthesia swallowed me whole. I couldn’t see anymore and couldn’t feel anymore, my last thought before I broke my neck on a garbage truck was: why was there so much smoke?

Note: Really wanted to go for some noir, sin city themed story here. Hope you liked it.


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