The Shut-In

Description: It’s a story about two guys that are breaking into another boys room. They discover a trap door there which leads them to a crude basement build by the owner of the room. They start exploring it and will find doom and despair.

“Just open the fucking door Steve.” “Dude, just shut up, this isn’t… you have done this like a million times, this is my first time!” “Well get on with it then.” Jeff was getting mad at Steve. He was going too slow and they needed to get this done quickly. Actually, he hated it when Steve did anything too slow. He hated it when he cooked their food too slow, he hated it when he talked too slow, he hated it when he didn’t do anything up to his speed and so he hated it even more when they were trying to break into Dannys room and he couldn’t even open the damn door. “What a fucking asshole.” Jeff thought. He had already picked the lock and he wanted Steve to open it so that he also took an active part in breaking in. If anyone would catch them then he wasn’t the only guy getting into trouble

Steve knew that he was getting Jeff mad. He didn’t really want to do this. Hell, he even thought about breaking this up right now and just leaving Jeff there alone in the dark in front of the room. His palms were getting sweaty, even though he was wearing leather gloves. The Houses on campus were split into little WG’s where multiple people lived in their own rooms in one house. There was only one kitchen and one restroom. The advantage, or for some people, disadvantage, was that some of these rooms also had a door which opened not into the kitchen/living room but instead went towards a little garden alley which was between this and another campus house. So the problem was that that anyone could break the door open and just rob the guy that was living inside. Exactly that was what Jeff and Steve were doing. The only problem was that the alley was pretty big and anyone who walked past it could have seen and reported them.
Steve knew this but Jeff had sworn to him that nobody would look or was in their rooms for that matter. “It’s four in the fucking morning and everyone is on vacation. No one is going to wake up at four o’ fucking clock and shit themselves about someone breaking into someone else’s room.” were Jeff’s exact words. Still he felt that something was wrong about this. Was it that they were breaking in? Was it that the guys room that they were breaking into was the room of Danny who was a total shut-in and never left his room, which made him quite a scary fellow to see even in broad daylight, or was it because Jeff was just being a total fucking asshole about this? He didn’t really know and he didn’t really want to find out because then he would have been even more anxious than he already was.
Jeff had been breaking into things since he was eleven. He was never really diagnosed as a kleptomaniac, but everyone noticed that around him things started to get missing. His first break in consited of him crawling through a window of one of his best friends, sneaking past his parents, going into his room and stealing his Jurassic Part Videogame. After that day, multiple break ins followed. From trailers to mansions, no one was save. The crazy thing was, however, that he never got caught. He had many close calls but not once did he get arrested. So it was no surprise that, once he got into college, the stealing didn’t stop.
“Ok, I got this.” Steve said.
“Right..” Jeff said ironically. Steve opened the door slowly.
Danny hadn’t been seen on campus for many months now. He hadn’t went to class and even his housemates didn’t know what was up with him since he always locked his door.
The first thing Steve noticed when he opened the door was the smell. It was stench that slowly flew into ones nostrils and stayed there for as long as one had the courage to stand it. It was disgusting and foul, reminding Steve of a dead raccoon which he once found under his bed. He instinctively reached for his nose, he was sure that something had died in here and that mucus must have taking a hold of these walls already. However of that nothing was too be seen. Actually nothing was too be seen at all. The entire room was neatly cleaned. Everything seemed to be in the right order and nothing was out of place. There was his bed, his laptop, a small couch, a closet full of clothes, a big HD TV and a lot of books that were nicely placed into a special place in the closet. “Wow, would have thought he had more stuff.” Jeff said “But I guess the TV and the Laptop will sell fine.”
Steve sniffed. He made a little noise of it too. It was weird that a room was this good looking and still smelt so foul.
“Are you smelling this too?” He looked at Jeff with a disgusted Face “Yea, but whatevs, let’s get to it.” He made a move towards the TV. “I don’t think we should do this.” Steve said “I knew you were going to pussy out!” Jeff said in a nasty voice and turned again towards Steve “I just fucking knew it, and you know how I knew? Because you’re a fucking pussy.” “I’m not a fucking pussy.” “Yes you are, you’re always scared. Can’t talk to girls, can’t watch horror movies and don’t get me started on the friggin night light.” This little rant made Jeff smile. He felt superior and knew that he had the upper hand in an imaginative fight that only he knew off. “Fuck off, let’s just do this.” Steve said annoyed from Jeff’s rant. He moved towards the TV and all of a sudden stumbled over a chain that was lying across the floor.
Because of the darkness it was barely visible and Steve could luckily break his fall with his arms and legs, creating barely any noise but still being loud enough for any careful listener to look and see what was happening in Danny’s room. There was a moment of silence between the two. No one knew if it was time to run or stay. Quiet but intense breathing filled the room. Little drops of sweat slowly made their down Jeff’s head. After a while, they knew no one had heard them. “What the fuck Steve?” Jeff said in a now quieter but still very intense voice. “There is a freaking chain across the floor, look.” He said, taking the chain and showing it to Jeff. While doing this he pulled the chain, wich caused a secret trap door, that the chain was attached to, to open a little. Now the smell of waste got even stronger and as both of them saw that the little door had opened they also knew where the intense smell was coming from. Instinctively Steve led go of the chain and the door slammed shut. Both of them looked at each other. “Dude, what is in there?” Jeff said, now with a nervous undertone. “Man I don’t know, should we look?”
They both knew that this might be a very bad idea that they should not even think about it and just take the stuff and run, but somewhere in their little minds a little seed of curiousness was born and started growing with the second. “I don’t know” Jeff said “Oh come on, what is the worst that could happen?” Steve said, now being the more eager to do something forbidden. “Shit, ok just do it.” He said, gesturing with his hand a motion that was indicating Steve to open it. Steve pulled the chain again and opened the door in the floor.
It was dark and the smell flooded now the entire room. Steve looked at Jeff. “You got a flashlight?” “Yea wait a second.” Jeff said, pulling out a small flashlight hastily. “Here you go.” He said and threw it to Steve. Steve caught in, pushed a button on it and a small little light shot out of it and into the darkness. It was not a real flashlight, but rather something one could buy at gas station for less than a buck or find in cereal box.
Steve could see now that it was some kind of crudely built basement. “I think he build this himself.” he said “Let’s go.” He was now filled with energy and curiosity, unlike Jeff who became more and more nervous about being in this room. On campus he had done this about twenty times already, but he never had something like this happen to him. He also hated it when unexpected things happened. “Nah man, I think I’m just going to chill here be the look-out.” “Are you kidding me?” “Nope, why?” ’cause you called me about a minute ago a fucking pussy and now your ass is scared of going into some dark basement?” “What you trying to say?” Jeff said, now a little angry that Steve allowed himself to speak to him in this manner. “You know what I’m trying to say, now come on.” Jeff felt challenged by this. He didn’t want to be the lesser man of the two. “Shit, alright.” Jeff said and walked towards the hole.
Steve now noticed that there were no stairs to walk down on. For a second he wondered about why Danny didn’t attach some, but then he thought about how he would have done it and noted that he probably wouldn’t have managed it either. Not because it was quite a task to accomplish, attaching stairs to an already crudely built basement, but because he was just plain lazy.
“Ok” Steve said kneeling beside the hole “Guess we got to jump.” Jeff looked him in the eye with a look of concern “Dude, I don’t know…” Jeff said “Come on, we’ll be fine. We will jump up again when we want to come back.” Steve said and waited a few seconds to let this sink in “Alright, let’s do this.” Jeff said. Steve smiled for a second. Pre-mature Adrenaline started rushing through his veins. Then he jumped into the pit. It was only three meters deep, so Steve did not even feel much of an impact as his feet hit the ground. He looked around with his flashlight. The room was about three and a half meters in length and 2 Meters in height with a little hole in front of him, which was about 1 meter in height, and enough space to crouch through it.
The walls were strengthened with Wood too ensure that the room would not collapse. However, except for that, the room was empty and the only thing moving was Steve’s little ray of light, which only illuminated some small space of the room, leaving everything else cold, dark and menacing. He tried to ignore the darkness around him and focus on the calm and secure feeling that the light gave him, showing him that he was the only one in the room and there was nothing to be disturbed by, but he knew, no matter how hard he would try, the darkness would always be there, making him hesitant and making him insecure. For a second he thought that he could hear someone breathing, somewhere far away and distant. More a whisper than a clear sound.
“Yo, everything cool?” Jeff shouted , ripping him from his thoughts “Ye- um Yea, come on down, it’s pretty cool.” The last words he said with a feeling of insecurity that even Jeff could hear it “You sure, man?” “Yea man, come on down. They got girls down here, Jacuzzis and… and… well everything, you know? just come on down.” He said loudly. Instinctively his inner voice said “Don’t leave me here alone.” But that was something he could never say out loud since it would be a sign of weakness. “Ok, move I’m going to jump.” Jeff said and jumped down. The sound echoed through the basement and with it Steve thought that he would hear somebody again. Again, far away and again just a whisper. However, this time it was not breathing, it was someone saying his name. Some women, whispering his name in a quiet and calm fashion. Nevertheless, he ignored it, because it had to be his imagination playing tricks on him in the darkness.
“Wow, he build this all by himself?” Jeff said in amazement “That is amazing.” “I know right?” Steve said, illuminating every part of the room again for his friend. “You see that hole there?” Steve moved the light to the hole in front of them “Yea, what of it?” Jeff asked and looked at him. Steve turned his head and looked at him dead in the eye. “Oh hell no! No, fuck no! I would do a lot of things for you man” Jeff said, remembering for a second that he wouldn’t do anything for Steve unless it was in his own interest “but I’m not going to go through this hole.”
“Really?” Steve said in a peculiar voice “So I guess I can call you a pus..” “No.” Steve interrupted him “but I’m not going to go in there. I’m not claustrophobic or nothing but damn, you know that would be a bad idea.” Jeff said, he felt a little cold sweat running down his neck. It felt colder than it should because of the cold in the room and it made him wonder for a second why it was this cold in here but not up there. “Besides, would you go in there?” “Jup, no problem.” Steve said with a strong voice, knowing that it would prove him the manlier of the two. “Guess my balls are a little bigger.” He now looked at Jeff with a little smirk, which was meant to insult him a little. “Oh really?” Jeff said “Yea, really” “Ok then motherfucker” Jeff said, slowly swallowing a little spit. Now he could really feel how afraid he was of actually going through with it, luckily the swallowing caused a little bit of fear to be swallowed with it. “Under one condition.” Jeff said too sure of himself, not knowing if Steve would say yes “I get the flashlight.” Steve looked at him with the look a coal miner would give a suburban teenager that said it could beat him in a fight.
“If you really need it, here.” Steve said, giving him the flashlight. He now really felt that he was the man in the room and that no one and nothing could take that away from him. Jeff took the flashlight with a bitter look and moved towards the hole and kneeling for a second before it and shining into it. The light could not reach the end, maybe because the light was not strong enough, maybe because there was no end.
Jeff moved the flashlight again in Steve’s face to see if his face had changed into a grimace that might indicate that he wouldn’t want to go through with it. “Go.” Steve said, more of an order than a suggestion. Jeff started to crawl into it with the words “This is a bad mothrfucking Idea.” The hole was big enough so that he could have walked in a crouched position but he preferred to go on all fours since he felt that it might make him more agile in case something might happen. A little sand crumbled on his hair “Fuck.” He said “You coming or what?” He looked behind him in hope that Steve would follow. “Right behind you man.” Steve said, turning around and catching a last glimpse of the light that flooded down the hole that they jumped into before he started to crouch and follow Jeff. Somewhere he heard something again, he did not know what it was and this time he couldn’t clearly define it but by now he was almost sure that there was someone talking to him. “Impossible” he thought “How and why could that be?”
As they moved forward Jeff repeatedly managed to somehow bump into the walls or the roof of the tunnel, letting sand fall down on Steve. “Dude, could you be a little more careful.” He said in a voice which clearly was meant to be a complain “I’m trying, but I think it is getting tighter.” Jeff said. He knew that when they got into the tunnel that there was still some space between him and the roof. Now it seemed as if it slowly pressed down on him. Steve also had the feeling, he didn’t notice as much though because he was more focused on the fact that he didn’t have a flashlight and basically had to follow Jeff while the darkness closed in behind him. “Fuck man I got to lay down.” Jeff said, now being sure that this tunnel was getting smaller. “Just don’t move for a second.” He said, so he could waddle a little further and begin to lay on his stomach. A second however felt like a small eternity for Steve, he felt the darkness behind him, and the more his thoughts turned towards it, the more he noticed that there was nothing behind him, just darkness and no assuring that something didn’t follow them. Also the walls next to him felt like they were pressing themselves onto him, making him feel helpless, afraid and unable to defend himself against any assailant. The worst part of it all was however the fact that he could hear breathing behind him. At first he thought that it was Jeff in front of him, but slowly he felt that it was coming from behind him, from the dark, which followed both of them relentlessly. He hoped that he only imagined it all, that there was no way that someone could be behind him, since there was no one in the room as they entered the tunnel, but he felt that there was something. Something about to grab him and pull him into the darkness. Some dark, long and dirty fingers, reaching towards his ankle and pulling him away from the light, for reasons he did not even want to imagine.
“So, I’m done. You can lay down too if you want.” “Nah, I’m smaller I can still walk for a while.” Steve said, feeling a feeling around his ankles that he could not really define. However walking for a while could only last for about two more minutes, afterwards the hole became too small for him.
Jeff could now feel how his elbows touched the side of the tunnel. This notion disturbed him, since it now felt as if, not only the walls, but also the darkness was pressing down on him. His elbows had already started bleeding a while ago, but now he could maybe get an infection. He was not however as disturbed as Steve, since he was still the man with the light and even if something happened, he could shine it towards the assailant. Steve was not as lucky. He now was even further away from the light source and there was even more space for whatever followed to grab him. He could now feel how invisible hands were caressing his legs, making him shudder every time. By now he was so afraid that it was not only cold sweat dripping down from his Neck, it was actual fear that raised the hear on his back and arms. If only the voices had ended, he would have remained a lot calmer, but he could now hear laughing in small increments about a half a minute apart. It was not normal laughing, he was sure of that, more of a laughing from something old and sadistic. It unnerved him extremely and, like a mantra, he repeated the phrase “It’s not real.” In his head as if it would change anything that was happening around him.
“Dude, how much longer?” He shouted towards Jeff “Well, I think I can see an exit.” He shouted back “Just about 15 more meters, but I think it might get a little tighter.” “Ok.” Steve said with a tone of exhaustion. Jeff now had taken his elbows even more towards his chest. This didn’t change much as Jeff soon discovered because even though the bleeding had stopped for, it had started again soon afterwards. This was because the sides of the tunnel scratched his elbow open which were they dried by the sand again, which fell off after he continued to rip them open on the sides of the Tunnel again. It was an endless circle of pain, which he stopped noticing after a while . He knew that if he was a little fatter, he would have been stuck by now. Unlike Steve he had already started to feel secure in the dark, he started to accept and respect his surroundings. At first because of fear but then because of the light that showed him the way and made him feel braver.
The tunnel was not some he wasn’t afraid of either. He was a little mad still though, not because of how he felt about this entire idea, but because of the tightness he felt as if he couldn’t motion anywhere but forward. He was sure the if the tunnel would collapse now, no one would ever find them. The same thought gripped Steve right at that moment too, however not because of the possibility of the roof collapsing over them, but because he now felt someone breathing down his neck. Someone that was right behind him, a ghost of some sort, waiting only to strike and killed him in some gruesome way. The cold sweat was now running down his neck as if he had just left a swimming pool and he could feel how the breathing behind him was making it colder and colder. Fear had turned into panic by now and all he wanted was to leave this place, for he was sure that if he did not, he would die in it. He did not feel like a man anymore, but rather a plaything of the dark without will or the ability to make any decision that would not end in his immediate doom.
They had now reached to end of the tunnel. “Ok, I’m going to go out now.” Jeff said and pulled himself out of the hole. Some sand fell out of it as he fell towards the hard metal ground. He started to brush the sand and the dirt off him and shined the ray of light across the room. Steve now sped up his movements to get out of the hole faster. He could see his destination clearly and moved as if his life depended on it. Then he heard a noise behind him. A voice, more beast than human, making him feel the true terror of his surroundings.
“I will get you.”
Now Steve had a panic attack and his heartbeat went up faster and harder than he had ever experienced it before. Jeff moved the light into the hole were Steve was moving as fast as he could, not caring for any injuries. “Hey man, you coming?” He said, turning the light towards Steve. As the light hit Steve’s face, it also hit the creature behind him which, with a loud beastly scream, started moving fast forwards towards Steve, trying to finally get him. “Shit, Steve come on.” He screamed, putting the light now in his mouth and reaching into the hole to get Steve out. Barely did Steve reach his hands and Jeff pulled as hard as he could. The creature however grabbed his ankle, pushing his fingernails deep into Steve’s leg. He screamed loud and Jeff pulled harder and harder to get him out. The creature however did not want to let go either, screaming and screeching at the top of its lungs, not wanting let go of his now not anymore so helpless victim. Only after Steve started kicking the creature in its face, did it let go and ran back into the darkness. Jeff pulled him out with more force than he had ever imagined he could have. Steve landed flat on his stomach while Jeff fell on his butt. They both started wheezing, their lungs containing more fire and dirt than air.
For about two more minutes they did not move, resting their body and trying to calm their minds.
“Shit,” Jeff said “what the fuck was that?” “I don’t know man,” Steve said almost in tears “but we got to get the fuck out of here!” They both looked at each other, the light shining from Jeff’s right, hand, while darkness surrounded him. “Yea.” Jeff said. They both instantly thought “but how?”
“Well, we can’t go back that way.” Jeff said. He was completely exhausted. He then started to move the small light across the room. The first thing he noticed was that this room was bigger, probably about 5 meters in every direction and there weren’t any wodden planks on the sides anymore. The entire room was made out of steel. The second were the four wooden torches hanging around the room, each about one meter from the ground. Steve now stood up and examined his body, the blood from his leg started dripping towards his shoes. “Shit.” He exclaimed, partly because he had just survived a vicious attack and partly because he had just bought them yesterday. The third thing Jeff noticed then was the large iron door on the opposite site of the room.
“Dude, are you seeing this?” “Yea, I see it.” Steve said, now having calmed himself down enough to lead a normal conversation. “Should we…?” Jeff said. He started to make a move towards the door.
“Wait, before we go, I got an idea.” He put his hands on his knees. Though it was a short sentence it had too many words, said too fast. “Do you still,” he said, making a small pause to breathe “got that lighter and the refill bottle?” “Yea I do.” Jeff said “Well give them to me.” Steve said, gesturing with one hand a motion, indicating his want for the utensils. Jeff meanwhile reached into one of his pockets and pulled his lighter out and with it a large iron bottle with gasoline in it to refill the lighter. Jeff was a smoker so he had these things always with him. From a funeral to a daycare, he always had a smoke and a lighter. Many times he had tried to stop, but after a while he felt that it was becoming futile. Just today he had left his smokes at home because he never smoked when he broke into someone’s house. Right now, he was craving a smoke more than anything else.
He put the things into Steve’s hand who then moved with the two utensils towards a torch. He drenched it in gasoline and lit it on fire with the lighter. Bright, beautiful light now encompassed the room. For Steve it felt like a light from heaven was shining from the sky unto the earth, blessing him and everything around him. He was so joyful about it that he even forgot the pain in his leg.
“Smart Idea.” Jeff said.
“Yea, well, I’m full of them.” Steve said which made both of them smile a little. This made them a little calmer. “So what are we going to do now?” Steve said. “Well, I think we should examine that door since none of us are going to go back.” “Sounds about right.” “Ok, then let’s go.” Jeff said and gestured with his small light towards the iron door. Then it hit him “Shit give me that torch for a second.” Steve hesitated at first, not wanting this new solace he felt be endangered by anyone, but slowly turned it over to him. Jeff moved fast toward the second torch and lit it as well, then turned off the light of the flashlight, and gave Steve the torch back. “We can save battery power and have more light.” Steve nodded; feeling now as if they had both gained something with which they could fend of the darkness and anything that might be lurking in it.
When they had reached the door they waited for a second, looking at each other. Steve was still a little shocked from the prior events and Jeff knew this. Then he put his hand on the doorknob. It was cold, making his hand feel as if he was touching a snowball. He slowly opened the door towards the next room. His eyes widened as he opened it up enough as so that Steve could look into it too. This room was not surrounded by Iron but rather huge branches, which surrounded the entire room, covering everything, but three doors and a pedestal sitting in the middle. It appeared as if the branches were coming from the pedestal, encompassing it to a point where the marble of it was barely visible, making it almost seem as if it was made out of branches too. Little candles were placed all around the room, lighting it up with a mild glow. There were also a marble way, which led towards the book and three others moving towards the doors.
Jeff started to make a move towards the book. He stepped slowly onto the first tile, almost testing if anything might happen. For a short second they both stood there motionless, each of them expecting something different to happen any second now. When nothing happened he walked towards the pedestal.
“Are you seeing this?” “Yea.” said Jeff. Both of them did not have enough energy anymore to get excited about that which was happening around them. Jeff continued towards the pedestal. He felt as if something was pulling him towards it.
“Dude, I got a bad feeling about this.” Steve said. “Come on, nothing is going to happen.” Jeff said. Something in him made him want to touch the book. Made him want to feel the cover and turn the pages, so he moved slowly but surely towards the book until he stood right in front of it. For him it was a feeling of happiness unmatched by any he could think of. It was like love, flooding his heart and mind.
“Jeff, I don’t think you should touch that.” Steve said. He wanted to be careful about his surroundings and it freaked him out how Jeff could just go towards the book and not think anything of it. “It’s only a book Steve, what do you think is going to happen?” Steve now followed him down the small path. He was afraid of touching the branches and so moved in a quicker speed to get to Jeff. When he finally reached him, he was right behind him. Because of the branches he couldn’t go beside or around him. “Look man, there is a lot of fucked up stuff here; I don’t think we should do anything rash.” Steve said. Jeff however did not care anymore. The book had now all of his attention. The red cover made his hands sweat; he wanted it more than a cigarette, more than a way out and more than sex. As he put his hand on the book, the branches began to pulsate. Steve saw it and got nervous, branches were not supposed to do that. They were supposed to just lie wherever and not pulsate like veins, which were pumping high amounts of blood through them. “Jeff let go of the fucking book!” Steve said. He knew that something bad was going to happen, and he didn’t feel like seeing what it would be. Jeff didn’t hear him anymore. He was gone. Off to some distant place that even he didn’t know of. While he was in this trance, his body moved automatically. He started to turn pages in the book and the trees started to pulsate harder and harder.
“Jeff you fucking asshole, let go off the fucking book!” Steve said He was shouting now at him. Finally Jeff seemed to have found the page he was looking for and started to sing in a deep voice which Steve couldn’t recognize “Taris, farnaris, hekton, varo, terron, varkis!” repeatedly till there was a humming coming from the branches of the trees as if bees were flying through them. As Steve looked at the branches, he could recognize little insects pushing through the branches, seeming as if their only purpose in life was to get out. The only thing keeping them back was yellow bubble that started to appear between the branches, denying the insects that were flying in them even the slightest change to escape.
“Shit, shit, shit. Jeff stop!” Steve said and as he looked towards his friend. He was afraid that he had maybe lost his mind or something. Sweat was slowly dropping down to his cheecks and he had to resist the urge of peing himself.
Jeff then turned around at lightning speed, looking at him with a bright smile and eyes as red as blood. “Steve, you have to read this.” He said with a fanatik undertone. “Fuck, Jeff are you alright?” Steve asked. For a second he just looked at him, unerving Steve even more than he already was. As a sort of reply, Jeff then pushed his head back, screamed at the top of his lungswith the voice of a beast, and started pushing his body back more and more. Steves eyes widened in fear. His mind went blank as he saw what his friend was doing. Jeff started screaming louder and louder as his back began to crumble under the sheer pressure of Jeff pulling himself back more and more. Steve could hear his backbones breaking bit by bit and as the screaming intensified and his panic increased. He put his hands towards his ears hoping that it might lower the nosie.
Jeff was now at the point where his head was between his legs and his neck started to get longer. Moving in between his legs and upward towards his privates, then his belly button and finaly in front of Steves face. Everything became quiet now as Jeff looked intently into Steves eyes. Steve heard how everything went quite and looked with terror into his friends eyes. Then he heard Jeff say in a calm voice “Steve, you have to read this.” Steve was silent for a second. He didn’t know how to react. Seeing how he didn’t react, Jeff started screaming again, retrieving his neck towards his original position. The veiny branches started to pulsate and the humming of insects became louder and louder. Steve was filled with terror as he didn’t know what might happen next. He turned around again and agian with his torch being his only medium of defense. “Shit, shit, shit.” He repeadet again and again. then all of a sudden the branches burst open and flies exited them in uncountable numbers.
Steve was now in panic, his heart racing again as fast as when the creature attacked him. The flies now surrounded the both of them, not coming near the strong light of the torches. Steve noticed this and looked at his friend. His neck had finaly reached it’s proper place again and he looked at him with now eyes as black as the darkness which surrounded them in the tunnel. “Jeff, snap out of it!” Steve screamed. “Steve, you have to read this!” Jeff said again with a voice so calm it could sing a baby to sleep. Then he clenched his torche and threw it into the corner towards their left. “No!” Steve shouted at him, but it was too late. The flies didn’t want to wait any longer and flew in swarm formation towards him. As they landed on him they started to storm into his orfacis. Into, his ears, his mouth and his nose. Some of them even filling his pants to target a more privat area.
“Fuck!” Steve shouted and jumped onto the tree branches to run towards the left exit. The flies stayed away from him, for one because he still had a light and for another because they had finaly found their meal. As Steve was about to open the door towards the next room he turned around again to see what was becoming of his friend. The bees had started to move around under his skin, moving around in his face, his head, his stomach and one coming even out of his eye but then returning again into his left ear. He shouted towards him “Steve, you gotta read this and you will become one with he queen too!” Steve ran into the next room, shutting the door behind him and leaving his friend for dead. This room was also filled with steel but this time it was huge. Probably ten meters high and many meters wide. The light of the torch didn’t even reach the next door. Steve walked towards a corner and crouched down. He reflected of everything that had just happened. The break in, the basement, the tunnel and the bees. Then he tought of Jeff and of their friendship. He thought about how they had met and were having fun together. How they, even though they didn’t like the other much, stuck together over the last years and he began to cry, his tears dripping down on his shoes. He didn’t even hear the door locking behind him as he started to cry harder and harder. He screamed towards the the roof of the room and shouted extremities.
“Where am I?” He asked in despair “This can’t be the campus anymore. The roof couldn’t be that high, shit were am I?” He asked loudly, not thinking that anyone would answer him, then he noticed how his torch slowly lost his light. He had moved too much and because of that the fire was becoming smaller and smaller.
Then he heard it, something jumping from the walls and moving towards him. It didn’t move fast because the light was too bright. It had waited in one of the dark corners . Waited for the light to go out. Even when he screamed it was bidding its time. Waiting, watching and now it was ready to move closer as it noticed that the light slowly went out. Steve couldn’t see it at first, but soon the face appeared clear. It was the monster that had attacked him in the Tunnel. It was looking at him, hungry and wanting. Saliva was leaving his mouth and it came closer and closer as the light got dimmer and dimmer. Steve knew now that he had no chance of saving himself, no chance of coming back to campus, to see his parents, his friends or any other person he knew and loved. He was going to die here in a few seconds. An hour ago this would have scared him and the terror of it would have made him forget everything around him. But he had given up. He had stopped to believe that there was any way out of this and he knew that his body was going to eaten by this thing.
As light went dimmer and dimmer the creature knew that it had won. That there was no way out for its prey. It came closer and closer, till his face almost touched Steves. Its eyes were cold, no pity or love or any other kind of emotion that would accompany a soul. All there was, was hunger. Steve looked it straight in the eye, one tear coming from his left eye.
He stared at it for a second,
feeling no fear or terror,
not anymore,
all he felt was loneliness.
“Fuck.” he said
and blew out the torch.

What the creature did to him is for the reader to imagine but let it be known that it was horrible and terrifying. Steves screams filled the entire room, the entire former room, where Jeffs corpse was decomposing after the flies hat eaten every inner part of him, and even almost the tunnel through which they came.

The End.


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